10 Questions You Must Ask Your Guidance Counselor

Your high school guidance counselor will be one of your most important resources as you prepare for college.  He or she can help you schedule your classes, offer suggestions, and help with college planning.  If you don’t know your counselor very well, that’s OKAY, just make an appointment.

Below is a list of 10 questions that you should ask your high school counselor.  This is just a list to help you get started.  Take some time to think about what you might want to add to this list.  Remember, they’re busy and so are you…so you want to make the best use of everyone’s time.

  • What high school courses are required for college admissions? (This is particularly important if you do not attend a college prep high school).
  • I’m thinking about majoring in _______; what classes should I take that would prepare me for this major? (Hint: Not sure what you want to major in? Take this college major quiz!)
  • Are Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors courses available? If so, am I eligible for those classes? (Hint: Click HERE to read more about AP Classes)
  • When is the Preliminary SAT (PSAT), SAT, and ACT test? Will it be administered here or will I have to go to a different testing location? (Hint: Click HERE to learn about each of these exams)
  • Does the school offer after-school or evening SAT or ACT prep courses?
  • What are some of the popular colleges or universities that students from this high school attend?
  • Are there any specific elective courses that you recommend?
  • What activities can I participate in after school or during the summer to prepare for college?
  • Will the school host any college fairs or do you know of any college fairs that will be held nearby? (Hint: Click HERE to find a list of college fairs near you).
  • Does the school offer any special scholarships or awards that I should be aware of? (Hint: Click HERE to learn how to use Fastweb)

For a more detailed list of things that you should be following each year of high school, check out our College Action Plans:

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Lauren Anderson is a certified school counselor who's passionate about helping students all over the world successfully transition from high school to college! After spending 6 years as a business professional, she obtained her Master’s degree in School Counseling and now spends her spare time helping students.

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