10 Summer Bucket List Ideas for College Students

Once you’ve started college, the word ‘summer’ has a whole new meaning.  Although you’re on a break from school (assuming you’re not taking summer classes), you’re expected to enter into the rat-race, professional world, usually via an entry level position or internship.

Still, until you are fully immersed in the professional world, you should take the opportunity to relish in obligation-less hot months of summer.  Here are a few bucket list ideas that will help you keep your free time young, spontaneous, and fun filled…

  1. Attend a music festival.  There are loads of musical festivals over the summer months.  You can combine a music festival and a road trip adventure with your friends, and maybe even camp out for a few nights.  It’s all about creating memories!
  2. Pull an all-nighter—the good kind.  The bad kind of all-nighter is real life torture; you know, when you’re up all night studying and you’d rather face the end of the world than your final the next morning?  But, remember when all-nighters where taboo and fun?  I used to feel so rebellious, even if I wasn’t misbehaving in the slightest.  It’s fun to relive those memories.
  3. Read a book.  A short list of summer reading material is ideal, but one book will suffice.  With all the text we are required to digest during the school term, it is easy to forget that reading can also be fun.  Summer is the perfect time to reexamine the pastime.
  4. Go to the beach.  Whether you head to the ocean or to a mountain lake, summer is the time to spend at least a couple days at the beach.  You can bring your summer reads and enjoy your time in the fresh outdoors, deliciously baking in the summer sun.
  5. Take 1000 photos.  I always forget to capture photo documentation of my activities and I regret it every time!  No matter the subject of the photo, it is sure evoke a memory or image of what happened at that point in time.  You can even make a photo album at the end of the summer!
  6. Volunteer.  I really think that giving back to the community should be part of our year-round routine, but it’s a lot easier said than done.  Volunteering in the community will not only be tremendously appreciated, but it may help you realize how lucky and fortunate you are to be receiving a higher education.
  7. Get healthy.  It’s easy to lose sight of our health and fitness goals with the abundance of diet-combative food constantly at your fingertips.  Studies show that without the easy eating routine you formerly followed in high school, students are more apt to gain weight.  Summer can be your take to get back on track, regroup, and set new and realistic goals for maintaining a healthy lifestyle the following year.
  8. Spend a weekend in the city.  Book a flight or plan a trip to the city nearest you.  There are so many things to do and see in a big city, you will never have a dull moment.
  9. Set up camp.  Camping is a great summer activity.  It’s a great bonding time for all the campers and can be very affordable if the cost is divided between the participants.
  10. Visit a friend from college.  It’s crazy to think that we don’t really know much about our friends’ from college, but a great way to get to know more about them is to learn about where they come from.  This could double as a vacation or road trip if they live in a destination area *hint hint*.

Most importantly, enjoy your summers to the fullest!  They wont always be so luxurious. 🙂

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Heidi Meier

Heidi Meier

Heidi Meier is a junior at the University of California, Davis pursuing degrees in communication and psychology. At school, Heidi can be found participating in psychology experiments or lounging on the quad. Outside of school, she enjoys exploring new cities, adventuring with friends, and playing with her puppy, Pancake.
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