10 Websites Every College Student Should Know

In my quest to seek out the most useful information for college-bound students, I came across 10 websites that I think every college student should know about!

These websites will help you select the best classes, save money on books and other supplies, find cheap travel home, decorate your dorm room, help you stay in touch with your family and much more!

I’m really excited to share these websites with you, so let’s get started…

1. DormCo.com

I absolutely LOVE this website! Dorm Co has everything that you could ever possibly want or need for your dorm room.  And the best part about it is that the prices are reasonable and you can get your entire order shipped to you for only $2.95!

Their motto: “Just because college tuition and textbooks cost an arm and a leg, it doesn’t mean that your dorm supplies should too…”

Here are some of my FAVS on their website:

Shower Shoes – They come in a variety of colors/designs – you definitely have to have a pair of these.

Flying Alarm Clock – Can’t seem to wake up on time? Get this alarm clock…it’ll fly off your dresser if you don’t turn it off in time.

Decorative Rugs – A cute and fun way to spice up your dorm room.

2. RateMyProfessor.com

Rate My Professor (RMP) is a website that is specifically designed for students to write reviews about their professors and assign ratings. I found this particularly useful during my undergraduate career.

RMP offers the largest listing of college professor ratings, with over 11 million student reviews for over 1 million professors! Millions of college students each year use this service to help them plan out their class schedules. And, the best part about this website is that it is absolutely FREE.

For more information on RMP and other related sites…read my post: Insider Tips on Choosing College Courses

3.  BookScouter.com

It stinks to have to buy all those expensive textbooks at the beginning of the semester and then be forced to sell them back to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester for little or nothing.

This is where BookScouter comes into play. BookScouter helps students sell their textbooks back at the highest price. The site compares prices for over 40 book-buying websites so that students can quickly figure out which site is paying the most for their books and then they can sell their books to that particular website. Shipping is usually free.  It’s an awesome resource for college students!

4. Evernote.com

Evernote is designed to help you stay organized.  Every college student can use a little more organization in their life, so this software program will definitely come in handy for keeping track of notes, school projects, and homework assignments.

The absolute best thing about this program is that you can access it from anywhere – from your iPhone, blackberry, iPad, etc., you don’t have to be on your computer or have access to the internet to be able to use it.

5. CollegeMajors101.com

This is a great resource for students to learn about different college majors and career options.  According to the website, their purpose is to “teach students about different college majors in depth so that they can make more informed college major and career choices.”

Most college students change their major at least once, so this website will be a great resource before and during college.  For more information regarding college majors, check out this article: College Major Quiz

6. SnagAJob.com 

This is a great website for students who are seeking a job.  It’s the only website that focuses specifically on hourly jobs and has a section that is fully dedicated to college students.  It’s similar to CareerBuilder and Monster.  The site also has a “student jobs resource center” that provides a ton of helpful information like interview and resume writing tips.

7.  StudentUniverse.com

This site offers exclusive travel deals specifically for students.  You can find great flight deals and hotel offers just for simply being a college student. This website really comes in handy when you’re trying to schedule visits home or if you’re planning a trip to visit a friend/girlfriend or boyfriend.

8.  Skype.com

Skype is a free instant messaging and video chat service.  Many people are now using this program to replace older programs like AOL instant messenger (AIM) or other instant messaging service.  Skype makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your friends and family without having an extremely high cell phone bill.

9. Yelp.com

In college you’ll be exploring a lot of new things – new restaurants, new shopping malls, new dentists, new theaters, etc.  Yelp is a website where real people write reviews on just about everything.  The goal of the site is to help you find great local businesses, hairstylists, mechanics, etc.  This is an excellent website for college students because you’ll likely be unfamiliar with your surroundings.  The site is easy to use and you can search by your location.  So next time you and your friends are trying to find a late night mexican restaurant, use Yelp.

10.  Amazon Student

You can buy absolutely anything on Amazon – from books and electronics to tennis rackets and diamond jewelry.  Amazon offers a special service specifically for college students called “Amazon Student.”  With this service, students receive 1 full year of FREE 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime and special emails with discounts and other promotions.

Were these websites helpful?  Do you have others to add to the list? Leave me a comment!

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