17 (Attainable) New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

It’s December, a month for holidays!

Of course, I’m sure we all can agree that the holiday that sticks out the most in everyone’s mind is Christmas. Personally, my favorite holiday of this month is the one on Dec. 31st a.k.a. New Years Eve!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but there’s just something magical to me about a holiday that the entire world celebrates regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity or religion.

It’s a holiday where the entire world celebrates the idea of starting anew; a new year, new adventures, new experiences, new lessons and maybe even new friends.

New Years is also a time for new goals, otherwise known as New Years Resolutions!

Some people get really into this annual tradition and try to create these long lists of all these difficult feats they want to accomplish such as polishing all the silverware, keeping with a new diet, finishing up that novel they’ve been working on, deciding which mountain they want to climb this summer, and the list goes on.

Well, I think the best thing to do is to challenge yourself but don’t create a bar that’s too high for you to reach just so that you can sound super cool and daring to all your friends with whom you share your list with.

I promise that regardless of what you put on your list, even if it was to write a grammy award-winning song, if you don’t actually complete it, no one will be impressed.

New Years Resolutions are pretty notorious for never actually being completed. This needs to change. As for us college kids, we’re super busy all the time what with balancing school and a social life with our buddies. We don’t want to write down anything on the list that’s super dramatic or time consuming.

Why don’t we create goals that has to do with work or our college life in general. If you find that this past semester was unsatisfying in any way or didn’t turn out how you imagined, this is the perfect time to change everything around and get yourself mentally and physically prepared for any goal you may create for second semester.

The same goes for all those who are going to enter college for their freshman year in the Fall. Make sure that by the time you get to school, it really is everything you hoped and dreamed it would be.

This sounds kind of cheesy, I know, but if you’re really determined and make easy enough goals for yourself, it really can happen!

Some of these goals may include the following:

  • Be more outgoing and make at least 5 new friends
  • Get more involved with college extracurriculars/clubs/groups etc.
  • Join the greek system
  • Learn a new skill (dance, chess, drawing etc.)
  • Better time management (work hard and play hard, it really is possible)
  • Be organized with work
  • Be organized with your room (I think it’s time you saw what your floor looked like again!)
  • Make time to call your parents more often (Don’t lie, you know you miss them too)
  • Dress well (They may just be school classes, but looking presentable is always important. You never know who you’ll run into!)
  • Eat well (I know work is time consuming but don’t forget to eat!)
  • Work out/stay fit
  • Save money
  • Go green (I’m glad you’ve just come to realize that recycling is important!)
  • Improve the report card (Keep it in mind that you want at least 3 A’s this year!)
  • Read books (Read Harry Potter or A Farewell To Arms, I don’t care! Just read!)
  • Actually buy all the textbooks required for classes
  • Apply to at least 7 different internships for the summer or next winter.


There are countless goals that any college kid can make for themselves, ones that are logical, productive and easy to overcome.

Everyone should keep themselves challenged but never to the point where you just feel hopeless and defeated. Give yourself the chance to win and accomplish a goal no matter how small!

No, perhaps you haven’t cured a huge disease or published a novel. The important thing is, you finally made a New Years Resolution that you could stick with and complete, purely for yourself and for school and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

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