2 Items You MUST Buy Before Going to College

I know there’s tons of college checklists (like this one) out there informing you of things you MUST have on the very first day that you move into the dorms, but the truth of the matter is that if you forget a couple items on that list…it’s no big deal…you can just find a local Wal-Mart or Target and pick up the items that you need.

However, in this post I’ll discuss 2 items you really MUST buy before heading off to college. These items require a little more advance preparation and research so you might not want to purchase them at the local Wal-Mart or Target when you get near campus.

While they will likely be more expensive than most other dorm room essentials, these are just 2 good quality products that you can’t do without. Here they are:

 Nice Professional Suit or Dress. You’ll likely be going on a job interview or attending a job fair at some point during your college career. It’s important that you look your best at these events so that you can convey a positive image, hence the need for a nice, professional suit or dress.

The way you’re dressed can convey 1 of 2 things: you are a confident, capable individual who understands the power of dressing professionally or you are still a naïve college student who isn’t quite ready for a professional environment.

While you’ll want to look your best, you’re not trying to act like an imposter or trying to impress anyone with a really expensive outfit. Instead, you’re simply paying attention to your dress and showing that you respect the event that you are attending. So take some money from your summer job and go purchase a nice looking suit or dress for your interviews or other formal events.

A Reliable Computer. You need a reliable computer to take with you to campus. It should be a current model with basic software that will allow you to get your school work completed without any hassles.

A laptop or iPad would be ideal, but a desktop would also work just fine. The laptop or iPad will allow you to work anywhere on campus – your dorm room, cafeteria, local coffee shops, etc., while the desktop will limit you to your dorm room…but the decision is up to you.

You also need to purchase the appropriate anti-virus software to protect your computer and keep your documents safe. You’ll have enough problems to worry about as a college student (trust me), so you don’t need to spend extra time worrying about a broken computer and missing files.

My advice: buckle down and invest in a reliable computer from a reputable brand…you’ll thank me later when you watch fellow classmates struggle with their computer issues.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Budget Laptops for College Students. Check them out.

Good luck!

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