3 Behaviors Guaranteed To Annoy Your College Roommate

No I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be on your roommate’s good side. What I am trying to say in this post is that there even if you have good intentions and want to get along with your roommates, there are some things you need to be aware of  to make sure you don’t upset your roommate so that way your roommate doesn’t hate you. Because having your roommate hate you isn’t fun.

Granted, different people are annoyed by different things, but these are some mistakes I made with roommates in the past that are generally things that would piss off roommates, so I am sharing my mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes that I made!

Bad Habits

Let’s face it- even if we don’t like to admit it, we all have at least one, whether it’s cracking your knuckles or biting your nails. I admit that my bad habit is picking at my nails.

No one had ever really said anything to me about it before, so I just kept doing it without really thinking about it. What I didn’t notice though is that when I did pick my nails it made a small clicking noise.

This gets really bad when I’m stressed, and I liked to study in my room last year, as did one of my roommates (I had two roommates). So naturally when I studied, he’d be there at the same time and he’d hear that clicking noise. Consequently, he told me- more than once- to stop doing it.

I tried hard to stop the habit, even going as far as getting hypnosis treatment, and I have made progress with the habit. I’m not saying you should go as far as I did in dealing with whatever your bad habit may be, but whatever your bad habit is, be sure to at least be aware of it and try to break it if you can. If you can’t, then try as much you can to not give into the habit when your roommate is around. Because he or she will notice.

Leaving Food in the Fridge

I have a tendency to be forgetful of minor details. This includes food that I put in the refrigerator. So if I have leftover food in the fridge, get fruit from Farmer’s Market, etc. then very quickly I forget about it.

The problem is that of course if food is left in the fridge for too long, then it makes the fridge smell nasty. Not exactly something that scored points with my roommates.

I have gotten better at this too, but only after roommates have had to sternly lecture me more than once to not leave my food in the fridge for too long. Be conscious of what you put in your fridge.

Liquids in Trash Can

I’m addicted to Diet Cokes. Literally. So last year, when I had to get on-campus dining, it just became habit to get a cup filled with Diet Coke. Of course being my forgetful self when I got back to my room I would drink part of it and then forget about it until it reached the point where Diet Coke doesn’t taste good anymore, so I’d just throw it away.

Now when I threw away my Diet Cokes I would be thinking of other things so I wasn’t completely aware of what I was doing. Had I actually stopped to think about what I was doing, I’d realize that I was throwing away cups of Diet Coke that still had liquid inside of them. Not exactly a smart idea.

Of course the consequence came of course when my roommates noticed, and gave me stern lectures on not throwing away liquids. And it happened more than once.

So if you want to stay on your roommate’s good side, don’t throw away liquids in your trash bin. And as an even broader concept, be aware of what you’re doing so you don’t something stupid like throwing away liquids in a trash bin.

These are just some ways to be on your roommate’s bad side other than the obvious ways of being a jerk, not washing your dishes, etc.

Use this as a list of things you shouldn’t do, so that way you can stay on good terms with your roommate.

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