3 College Interview Tips

At some schools, college interviews play a large role in the admissions process.  Do you have a college interview that is coming up soon?  Not exactly sure what you should expect?

Not to worry…In this article I’ll give you 3 college interview tips guaranteed to make you feel more comfortable as you head to your next college interview.

Tip #1 – Know Your Stuff

If you aren’t familiar with the school, the admissions representative will know it!  Your interviewer will likely want to know why you’re interested in attending this particular school.  If you can’t go into detail, then he or she will probably assume that you really aren’t that interested.  Unfortunately, answers like, “well, my sister graduated from this school last year” or “I like the way the campus looks” just won’t cut it…

If you’re really serious about wanting to be admitted, take some time to study what you like about the school…what makes it unique from all the other colleges that you’ve visited?  What do you think this particular school can provide for you that the other schools won’t?  Maybe they have a specific program of study that you’re interested in or volunteer organization.

If you can answer these questions confidently and with enthusiasm, then you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.

Tip #2 – Professionalism is a MUST

Remember, you’re officially an adult now, so your interviewer will expect nothing less than a polite, mature, and professional young adult.  When you first arrive, be kind to the receptionist and all the other staff members.  Your interviewer will likely get their feedback once you leave the office.

Also, always remember to show up ON TIME (or 15 minutes early, if possible).  If you’re late, then you can forget about them taking your seriously.  Even worse, they may get the impression that you are not respectful of other people’s time and choose not to interview you at all!

In addition, please dress professionally.  First impressions are always made based on your appearance and how well you present yourself.  Wearing a suit is probably the safest route.   Avoid wearing bright colors – typically black, navy, grey, or brown are usually pretty standard.

Lastly, make sure to use correct English!  Avoid using slang and vulgar or otherwise inappropriate language.  Also, don’t tell jokes…what may be funny to you, may be offensive to someone else…so just avoid them all together to be on the safe side.

Tip #3 – Go It Alone

Yes, I know Mom and Dad mean well, but this is all about YOU.   The admission committee’s main point is to get to know you, not your parents.  So, if possible, leave your parents in the car or in the admissions office lobby area.

Don’t panic!  You can handle this.   If you “know your stuff” like we talked about earlier, then you’ll be well prepared and confident.  This is YOUR time to shine…you are officially an independent adult.

Final Words…

If you follow the tips above, then I guarantee that you’ll be better prepared for your college interview than most other candidates!

Break a leg…

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