3 College Roommate Tips

As a college freshman, there’s just no way to predict how your roommate situation might end up.  Whatever the situation may be, there a few things that you should keep in mind:

Tip #1 – Be Friendly: Regardless of whether you’re shy or really outgoing, make an effort to initially talk to your roommate.  Find out about their hobbies, try hanging out with each other, and try to find something in common.  Making a true effort to be kind will definitely pay off.

Tip #2 – Give Space: Dorm rooms are small; that’s just a fact of life.  There will not be a lot of privacy, but to the extent possible, you should try to give your roommate space.  If your roommate comes back in the room from taking a shower, be courteous and step out for a moment to allow him or her to get dressed.  Or if your roommate seems to be on a private call, maybe consider heading to class a few minutes early.  These gestures will help the both of you deal with living in such a small room.

Tip #3 – Have Other Friends: Even if you and your roommate get along very well, don’t try to do everything together.  It’s okay to hang out with each other during orientation or sit together in the dining hall, but don’t go overboard.  The college scene is new to the both of you, so allow yourself time to get to know each other and other people.  Spending too much time together initially can potentially backfire.

Bottom line, you and your roommate need to get along, but you guys don’t have to be best friends or even friends at all.  If you and your roommate end up being best friends, then that’s great…but if not, then that’s okay too.  Hope this helps!

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