3 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas Using Household Items

So you’re finally there. You’re in your new dorm room your first year of college and so far, it’s great.  Every inch of the room screams “freedom!” No more parents telling you how you can and cannot decorate your room. Now, the decoration decisions are just up to you and your roommate.

But now you are stuck with the brain freezing dilemma of what to do with the bare walls of your new dorm room. Should you put up posters or picture frames? What do you do when you want to put up Justin Bieber posters and your roommate wants nothing but Taylor Swift pictures?

There’s no reason to stress or fret scholars! Decorating your dorm room can be fun and quite easy. It can be simply done with just a few household items that cost you and your roommate little to no money. Below I have listed a few decoration ideas for your dorm room using simple items that can be found in your home or even in the drawers of your dorm desk. These unique ideas can add flare to even the most boring of dorm rooms.

1. Sticky Inspirations

My personal favorite way to decorate my room is an idea I came up with freshmen year involving tape and Sharpie markers (or any marker you have lying around). Sounds simple right? Well, that’s because it is! Honestly, all you need for this decoration is tape and markers.

Masking tape is my personal favorite for this idea because it comes in many different colors that add funky spark to the room and it also peels off very easily when it’s time to take the decorations down. Just cut off a few pieces of tape and stick them to the walls at different spots around the room. Then, write some of your favorite inspirational quotes on the tape with the Sharpie marker or any markers you have.

Not only does this idea look beautiful and unique around your dorm room, but it also gives you inspirational pickups when you need them throughout the school year. You can add on to the decorations when needed with new inspirational quotes. It is also a lot of fun to watch your friends wander around your room searching for the places you put the tape with quotes on them, kind of like a inspirational scavenger hunt!

2. Towers of Flowers

We all need to stay hydrated to stay healthy right? This often results in countless water, soda and juice bottles being used and strewn around.  Of course you should recycle these things but why not use a few for dorm decoration as well?

Take a water bottle, soda bottle or juice bottle. Glass bottles work best for this but plastic works as well. Rinse them out and make sure they’re clean. Afterwards, fill the glass or plastic bottles half way. You can then go outside and pick a few flowers from around campus or the surrounding community. Stick the flowers in the glass or plastic bottles and set them around the room. Place one in the window or on your desk. This decoration adds a fresh splash of color and beauty to your room.

You can also use fake flowers from the local arts and crafts store. Michael’s is an arts and crafts store that often has beautiful plastic flowers for a very low price. If you chose to use fake flowers, then you don’t have to worry about filling the bottles with water. You can use something else instead, such as multi-colored beads. Decorating the exterior of the bottles with paint or markers is a great addition as well.

3. Poster Board of Fun

This is also a personal favorite of mine. It involves a poster board, multi-colored markers, pictures and friends! Get a large poster board.  You can typically find poster boards for really low prices at the supermarket or an arts and crafts store. These do not cost much at all. Decorate the border of the poster board with your roommate and friends using the different colored markers and even paint if you’re feeling really artsy.

The fun thing about this dorm decoration is that it grows as your time at school grows. Tape the poster board to the wall and gradually fill the board with special memories of yourself and your friends. Don’t do it all at once and completely fill the board. Let it happen over time. For example, if you and your friends decide to have a movie night in your room, there are sure to be laughs and fun quotes that come from the time you all spend together. You can write some of the jokes you all shared on the board so that you all can look back on them all laugh at the memories.

This board can also be gradually filled with pictures from your first year experience. On your graduation day when you look back on your first year of college, this handmade memory board will be an amazing way to look back on the amazing times you had with your friends and realize much you have all grown together.

These are just a few dorm decoration ideas that use simple household items. These ideas are not only easy to do but very fun and creative! If you are ready to have a unique and spunky dorm room that keeps you happy during your first year in college, then give these ideas a try. Decorations that can add to the memories you make with friends are the best kind of decorations to have! Make sure to discuss decoration ideas with your roommate so that you all can agree on what you like and avoid any unnecessary drama. Have fun and give these ideas a shot!

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Ashlyn Porter

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