3 Long-Term Benefits of Going Greek

There are many different opinions associated with Greek Life depending on your university and preconceived ideas about it. If you are contemplating going Greek, explore all the different aspects of it before making a decision.

Greek Life often gets a negative reputation as a “social organization” focusing solely on the idea that the community revolves around partying and entertainment. Obviously it is not for everyone, but if you are considering it, make sure to weigh the pros and cons fairly. There are many benefits of Greek Life that will not only enhance your college experience, but your future as a whole.

Leadership Experience

There are many leadership roles available for members of the Greek Community. There is Greek Council, which will be responsible for maintaining good relations between Greek Life and the rest of campus. Members of this will consist of representatives from each Greek organization. There are national organizations as well as special interest, ethnic, and religion based ones.

Also within each fraternity or sorority there is a plethora of officer positions offered to its members. There is an executive board consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and other necessary jobs to lead an organization. There are also many less committed positions delegated to other members.

Holding a leadership position in Greek Life can teach you many different people skills and enhance your talents in areas like public relations, marketing, organization, design and finance. There is a place for everyone to get involved that could provide them with experience in their field of study or area of interest.


One foundation of Greek organizations is their involvement in local and national philanthropies. Greek’s dedication to philanthropy stands as a pillar for their existence. Each fraternity or sorority supports a different philanthropic organization that they will raise money and awareness for throughout the year.

Events and fundraisers involving the entire community will be held in order to support the different philanthropies. Greeks will support each others’ philanthropies as well, so it is easy to get involved with more than just your own.

Greek Life aims to involve itself in any kind of philanthropy. In addition to each supporting a certain organization, they will reach out to volunteer at any opportunity that presents itself. This is a national and well-known standard among Greek Life. In being involved in Greek Life you will be automatically associated with philanthropy.


Sororities and fraternities have been around for a long time and hold national recognition among universities. Certain organizations have been united since their founding and all across the nation by traditions that continue to be carried out today.

Once you are initiated into a Greek organization, you will always be a part of that institution. Being an alum of a sorority or fraternity can really help you out later in life.

Employers love to see involvement in Greek Life on resumes because it indicates leadership experience and philanthropy (as previously stated). Also, if employers were a part of Greek Life themselves, they will be inclined to hire the potential employee who has that experience as well. It would especially give you an advantage if you were in the same specific organization as them.

Collaborating with other fellow alumni of your Greek organization can provide you with connections to people you would not have met otherwise. This can really help in getting your name out there and finding people who will provide opportunities for you.

So before you decide Greek Life isn’t for you—because you’re not preppy or not a big partier—consider these life-long beneficial skills you will acquire by being a part of it.

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