3 Must-Ask Questions On Campus Tours

If you are still undecided about which college or university to attend, going on an official campus tour may help you make a more confident, informed decision.

Campus tours are set up through the university and usually have two components: information session and campus walking tour.

The information session provides info about admission standards, how to apply, unique facts about the university and what to do you once you are accepted, etc.

Current students usually lead the campus walking tour. The tour covers areas with major landmarks, popular hangouts on campus and the aesthetically pleasing areas of campus.

The most important part of this tour can be the walk around campus, instead of the information session. The info given on the tour can be more valuable than the info session because most of that info can be found online anyway.

When you have a current student at your disposal to answer questions, it behooves you to take advantage of this. Before going on your campus tour, plan out a few unique questions or pressing questions you have to ask the student instead of the admissions coordinator. You will get a better perspective and likely more honest answer by asking a student your questions.

Here are three questions you want to make sure you cover during your tour:

  • 1.    What is your favorite part about going to school here? Asking this question will give you unique answers because every individual can answer this differently. The answer to this question will reveal what there is to look forward to about going to college at a given institution. Some people might talk about their favorite professors, classes, and hangouts on campus or friends they have met. When you ask people what their favorite part about something is, you are sure to get a positive response and people gushing about the subject. This can give you a good, well-rounded picture of what a particular institution is like.
  • 2.    What do you not like about going to school here? If you want a truly unbiased perspective about a college, you have to get both sides of the story. Asking what people don’t like about a university will potentially give you a more realistic view of what life is like on a certain campus. What is it like when professors don’t speak English? Or what is it like going to school with 50,000 other students? You will likely get responses related to these questions when asking what students don’t like about their school
  • 3.    What is there to do for fun around campus? This is a question you usually can’t get answered unless you ask a student. During information sessions, there is a lot of talk about academics, tradition and career preparation, but not many adult admissions officers have advice to offer about the surrounding environment of campus. Before you go to a school, you want to research the whole environment you will be immersing yourself in. What bars are cool student hangouts? Is the city a safe area? What restaurants and shops are near by? Where are cheap places to find entertainment? You can likely receive answers to all of these questions by asking what there is to do for fun in an area.

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