3 New Year’s Resolutions Guaranteed To Make You A Better Student

Each year, people create new year’s resolutions as a way to self improve.

For high school students, a resolution is a great motivational tool to help better prepare you for college.

Here are three great resolutions to make this upcoming year!

  • Study for an hour a day

We don’t mean study for an hour a day the week of an upcoming exam. Study an hour a day in general! This will not only help to improve your focus and study habits, but you will be better prepared for class and exams.

This habit helps to reduce stress and obtain information better for longer periods of time. When you cram right before an exam, it is hard to remember all of the information and you will easily forget it after you take the exam.

This is a problem because many professors in college will have the same information from previous exams on their final exams. If you study an hour a day, the information will stay in your mind for a longer period of time and you will be less stressed over cramming!

  • Eat healthy and exercise more

Many people make eating healthy and exercising their new years resolution as a way to get in shape. However, this resolution is great for your mind as well! Sticking to an exercise routine and decreasing your intake on sweets will keep your productivity level high and your brain more alert.

By doing this you will see an increase in your energy level as well as your willingness to accomplish tasks. This will help you to focus more at school and stay in shape!

  • Get more sleep

As much as you would love to be able to sleep in, high school students don’t have much of an option. A 7 a.m. starting time is rough on students, but going to bed earlier will help with that dreaded morning wakeup.

Set a time for yourself that you plan on being in bed by every night. Depending on what time you get up for school, your bedtime should be about seven to eight hours before your wakeup time. For example, if you wake up at six try to be in bed by ten or eleven.

Along with eating healthy and exercising, this will keep you more focused and alert in the classroom.

A new years resolution is a great way to stay motivated and work towards a new accomplishment.

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

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