3 Productive Places To Study Besides Your Dorm

I can’t be the only one who finds it impossible to get work done at home. Although it’s somewhat inconvenient to get ready and bring all of your study materials with you elsewhere, it’s definitely worth it. In reality if you try to study at home you’re just setting yourself up to get less done.

The temptations at home are literally endless. If you try to study on your bed, chances are you will accidentally fall asleep or take a little “cat nap” that turns into a wasted couple of hours.

  • Fun fact: I also once read that studying on your bed can mess with your sleeping patterns because you will associate your bed with things other than sleeping. It’s a lose-lose.

It is also much easier at home to get distracted by things like the Internet, television or your roommate. Your 10-minute Facebook study break will turn into 2 hours or instead of watching one episode of your favorite show you’ll watch the whole first season. If you actually put in the effort to go somewhere else to study, you’ll be more motivated to finish something before you allow yourself to go home.

The Library

This is probably the most common place for college students to study, and for good reason. It is on campus so it is convenient to go there before, after or in between classes. The library has an atmosphere suitable for everyone regardless of your study preferences.

If you work well in a casual atmosphere, there are couches available and you will likely see people you know around. If you prefer to study in complete silence there are quiet areas or private study rooms. If you have to work with a group you can reserve a conference room. There is even a 24-hour room if you plan on pulling an all-nighter.

The library is also fully equipped with computer labs if your homework is online. Or if you bring your own laptop there are outlets so you can charge it if need be. It’s the perfect place to work on research papers because all of the books there are credible sources to use and the people working there can help you find what you need.

On top of all this some libraries have an added bonus of a coffee shop. What more could you possibly need?

Coffee Shops

So for reasons beyond my comprehension, apparently not everyone enjoys the vibe of the library. Fair enough. A great alternative that provides maybe a more laid back atmosphere is local coffee shops.

This provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can get your coffee fix while getting work done. A lot of coffee shops provide free wireless Internet so you can even do online homework with minimal distractions. It could be a good idea to go a few hours before closing because then you are giving yourself a deadline to complete all of your work.

Since you made the effort to get out of your dorm and go there, you won’t want to waste the limited time you’re there getting sidetracked. You can be productive for the time that you’re there, and when you get back to your dorm you can mess around as much as you want because all of your work will already be done.


If the weather permits, outdoors is a great place to study. If you attend school in a town that normally has nice weather, your campus most likely has awesome little places with tables, benches or grass to hang out and study.

Since the rest of your day is spent inside stuffy classrooms or your claustrophobic dorm room, this nice change of scenery would definitely provide a healthy atmosphere to study in. The fresh air and sunlight will have you feeling rejuvenated and encouraged to succeed.

Studying is not the most easy or fun activity, but it has to be done. Choose a location that will motivate you to be the most productive and will yield your best work.

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