3 Reasons To Get An Internship Now

Internships are a great way to explore your interests and round out your education. It’s never too early to start – once you have one internship on your resume, getting another one will become easier. If your school does not require you to get an internship, you should still get one for a number of reasons.


I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about my major, journalism, through the internships I’ve had than I’ve learned in any class. The reason for this is that internships mimic real-life situations, whereas classes usually just prepare you for these situations. Working for my school paper helped me understand how a newspaper functions – something I’ve never learned in any class. If you want to gain insight into your future field, getting an internship is the best way to do it. When you graduate, potential employers will want you to have had some experience outside of the classroom.

Trial and Error:

Another reason to get an internship is to find out what you don’t like. I had a friend who wanted to go into fashion, but realized it wasn’t for her after a summer internship in the field. Even though intern duties are usually boring – answering phones, recording information – they give you a chance to see how an organization functions and give you the opportunity to see what you like and don’t like about a certain type of work. Think of an internship as a test run. If you really hate it, you’ll be able to change your major or rule out working for a certain type of company.


Another reason internships are critical to career success is the connections they provide. When you graduate, potential employers will want references. If you’ve never worked, getting a reference will be tough. Starting early will give you a chance to meet people in your future field.

It’s not too early to start looking for internships. If you’re a freshman, start taking the first steps. Check out your school’s career board, search the internet, or schedule a meeting with a career advisor.

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Selma Haveric

Selma Haveric

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