3 Reasons Why I Chose Florida Atlantic University

At the end of my two years at Broward Community College, I had a difficult choice to make:

Where on earth was I going next?

As part of the 2+2 program, I was guaranteed acceptance to any public Florida university after earning my A.A.

So, my choices were many and they all came with a long list of pros and cons.

Ultimately, I decided to attend Florida Atlantic University, and although it wasn’t an easy choice, I’m positive now I made the right one.

FAU is a great school in spite of being relatively new and not as popular as THE Florida schools, namely Florida State University, The University of Florida and The University of Miami.

I chose FAU for many varied reasons, but there were three that really sealed the deal for me.

  • Close to home

I won’t lie and say that part of me didn’t want to go away to one of the bigger colleges in Florida; at one point I actually had everything set to attend FSU, but room and board were just more than I was able to afford.

FAU is the closest of all the schools, especially the Fort Lauderdale and Davie campuses, and it has allowed me to stay home with my parents and save thousands of dollars every semester.

It also helped during my first few weeks on campus that I knew the area like the back of my hand; I knew all the best places to eat!

  • Flexible Schedules

FAU, and more specifically the Davie campus, is a great option for someone who has to work while going to school. The majority of the classes offered are only once a week and at night.

Being able to work during the day has made it much easier to keep my job while going to school full time, and since class is only once a week, I have plenty of time to finish assignments.

  • Major Offered

This was what drew me to FAU in the first place. There are several schools in Florida that offer journalism as a major, but I liked that FAU specifically taught multimedia journalism.

I’ve seen the writing on the wall and I know that the internet is the future of journalism. In my time at FAU, I’ve learned not just about writing for print, but also writing for radio, television and more importantly, the web.

Many college bound students make the mistake of choosing a school for the wrong reasons; pressure from parents or family members, wanting to go far away or simply the image that the school gives off, but it’s extremely important that you understand the importance of your choice and make sure your reasons are valid.

FAU isn’t as glamorous or popular as Florida State, but I realize now that I wouldn’t have made it past one semester up there.

My school fits me perfectly, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

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Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza is a senior at Florida Atlantic University pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Although reading is her first love, writing is a close second and she can usually be found with her nose in a book or hunched over a laptop typing away. Outside of school and work, she’s interested in all things fitness as well as continuing to grow an already massive nail polish collection.