3 Secrets To Getting Involved On Campus

Most college campuses are huge. This can be pretty overwhelming for first year college students. In order to make the high school to college transition process a little less scary, take some time to get involved on campus.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly the next 4 years of your life will fly by, so it’s important to make the most of your time.

Below are 3 secrets to getting involved on campus.

  • Secret #1 – Keep your school calendar handy. The school calendar is a great tool for new college students because it usually tells you what campus events are going on, like basketball games, concerts, festivals, school plays, campus-wide parties etc. If you come across something on the calendar that sounds interesting, ask your roommate or one of your classmates to join you. I’m sure he or she will be open to getting out and meeting people as well.
  • Secret #2 – Go to the involvement fair. Most colleges host an “involvement fair” or something similar towards the beginning of the school year. Similar to a college fair, all clubs and organizations on campus will have a booth with posters and flyers to promote their group and share information with new college students. You might choose to join clubs that are specifically related to your college major or you might just join organizations that interest you…the choice is completely up to you. However, joining organizations that are somehow connected to your major might help you secure a job in the future.
  • Secret #3 – Join a sports team. There are several different ways to get involved in sports on campus. You don’t have to be the star basketball player to get involved; you can also join club or intramural sports teams. Or you might even want to volunteer to be the school’s mascot. College athletics provide a great opportunity to meet other students and have fun physical activity.

Regardless of which activity or activities you choose, getting involved on campus is a really good idea. It’s a great way to meet people, do something that you like, and possibly even make a difference on campus.

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Lauren Anderson is a certified school counselor who's passionate about helping students all over the world successfully transition from high school to college! After spending 6 years as a business professional, she obtained her Master’s degree in School Counseling and now spends her spare time helping students.

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