3 Things Your Parents Should Teach You Before College

Living on your own for the first time can unveil numerous skills you didn’t even realize you were lacking. You have grown accustomed to living with your parents and possibly having them take care of a lot of your responsibilities. Once you are in college you will be forced to be independent and responsible for yourself.

Rather than acquiring skills as you are thrown into certain tasks, it would be beneficial for you to learn them beforehand. Ask your parents to pass on their knowledge and teach you the ins and outs of living on your own. Even practicing taking on your own responsibilities as college is approaching so you can get in the routine of doing so and prove to your parents that you are capable.

If you feel as though you are already independent and ready to live on your own, make sure you consider these tasks you may currently be taking for granted.

Managing Finances

Now that you are in college you should be financially responsible. Even if your parents are still generously supporting most of your expenses, it would be beneficial for you to be involved in the process of paying for your bills since you will eventually have to anyways.

You should be aware when payments are due and how to make the payments even if it is not your money being used. A lot of times these days there are ways to make payments online—you can even set up automatic bill payments through your bank. So if a payment is consistent, like rent, it will be on a schedule. However, if you’re like me and have old school parents, they may want you to write checks. This is a very valuable skill that not enough teenagers have.

Make sure that you are fully aware of your finances and that you know how to manage them before you leave for college.

Being Domestic

This includes a whole slew of chores that many lucky kids are used to their moms doing for them. In college you will be responsible to cook your own meals, do your own laundry and make your own bed.

You should get in the habit prior to moving out of helping your parents do housework. Many kids come to college not knowing how to use a washing machine or a dishwasher. Have someone teach you these skills so that you can do your own chores when there’s no one else there to do them for you.

It would be beneficial to help your mom out in the kitchen while you are still home. You can learn some of recipes so you are not stuck eating Easy-Mac for the next four years.

Your parents will appreciate you helping out around the house and you will be prepared for the domestic tasks that will present themselves while living on your own. 

Waking Up

This is one simple task that I definitely took for granted while living at home. If it weren’t for my mom yelling or pulling the covers off me every day I would have spent many mornings sleeping in and missing school.

In college you not only have to set your alarm, you have to listen to it. It will no longer work for you to turn your alarm off and lay in bed for ten more minutes before being dragged out.

Practice being responsible for yourself waking up at a decent hour every morning—it will definitely benefit you once you get to college.

Appreciate everything your parents do for you while you’re home and try to soak up as much of their expertise when you’re there. Exciting and scary as it is, pretty soon you’ll be on your own.

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