3 Ways The Evernote App Can Make Your College Life Easier

If you go on the App Store or Android Market, you’re hit by a cacophony of apps and programs all promising to enhance and better your life (or at least provide hours of endless amusement). While many of these products are not so great, every once in a while, something comes along that really does all that it promises and more.

Evernote is a free multi-platform app that allows you to seamlessly sync your information across all your devices. Basically, what the app does is allows you to create “notebooks” and “notes” where you can store any information, type things, add files, pictures, links, and more.

The app saves all the information automatically and wirelessly pushes it to the other devices. For instance, if you think of something you need to remember while you’re walking around campus, you can type a little note to yourself with your smartphone, and when you get home, it’ll already be on your computer for you to work with.

Evernote provides many great uses than just the obvious, and can come in really helpful in college life.

Planning Projects

Evernote comes in really handy for planning things like blog posts, articles, and even papers. Personally, it helps me a lot to write out my prompts, all of my sources, and any quotes I need for newspaper articles. It really helps to have everything in one spot, and knowing that it will be on all my devices instantly. It affords more freedom than a word processor, and it allows me to attach any graphs, charts, infographics, or anything else I need for the article.

It is also extremely helpful for planning and executing those dreaded group projects in class. If you type all of the information you need into Evernote before you leave to meet your group, you don’t need to lug around your laptop or a bunch of notebooks around with you, yet you can still have all of your notes, information, and ideas available to show or tell the other members of your group.

Studying for Exams

The app also works great for studying for tests or exams. If you add your study guides or notes to the system, you can studying while eating at the dining hall, brushing your teeth, or riding the bus. That way you can get more accomplished than if you were just relying on your paper notes or notebooks.

Moleskine and Evernote have partnered now to produce a special notebook that allows you to write anything your heart desires, then take a snapshot of it with your smart phone or tablet and have it instantly recognize the handwriting and information and transfer it into digital format, making it searchable by keyword or available to share with the world. Plus, each Smart Notebook comes with a free three month subscription to Evernote Premium as well.

Keeping Track of Expenses

Sound fun right? But let’s face it, as college students, most of whom don’t have unlimited budgets, it’s a good idea to have a place where you can see what you’ve been spending.

With Evernote, you can take snapshots of your receipts anytime you stop at Starbucks or need to pick up your weekly groceries. Because the app makes text searchable even in pictures, you can search by date, location, or purchase, and then manage your finances just like that.

Make a notebook for finances, and make separate ones for each week or month, and you’re good to go, and won’t ever have the nasty surprise of a declined debit card or an empty wallet!

There are hundreds of other uses for this great app that will help make your college career – and your life – much more easily managed and organized.

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Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson is a freshman at Central Michigan University, currently pursuing a degree in Journalism. Elizabeth is a member of the CMU Honors Program, and is a staff reporter at Central Michigan Life, the student run campus newspaper. When she’s not in school, she can usually be found reading, writing, or watching movies, and enjoys traveling and performing in plays.
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