3 Ways to Earn Money in College

You know all the stereotypes about broke college students.  A steady diet of Ramen noodles, scrounging up change to buy food at the groceries, and so on.

Being a student in college can pose quite the predicament:  on one hand you’re main focus should always be your studies, but on the other hand your studies will take up a lot of time that could be spent earning money at a job.  This is how the broke college student stereotype is formed.

Well, contrary to what you may think, there are plenty of ways to earn money while taking classes in college.  If you are determined, and resourceful you should have no problem at all finding a source of income and still being able to focus on your studies.

Try looking out for employment on your college campus.  There are usually a wide array of positions available, and your employers will most likely be sensitive to the fact that you need time to focus on your schoolwork as well as your job.

Don’t forget to look for jobs off campus as well.  You won’t have to go far off your campus to find restaurants and department stores.  This can be especially helpful if you already have experience in those areas.

Finally, be resourceful.  Are you a mean shot with a camera?  Ask around to see if anybody needs photography services.  Are you crafty?  Consider trying to sell your work to people.

This video will outline three great ways to make money during the school year.

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John Rademaker

John Rademaker

John Rademaker is a junior at the University of Dayton pursuing a degree in Electronic Media. At school he enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, and working at the campus radio station. Away from school he can be found exploring his hometown, spending time with his family, and listening to music.
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