4 Benefits of Choosing a College Close to Home

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Slow down here.  I must be confused.  Why choose a school close to home?  Isn’t going far, far away one of the mains reasons to look for in going to college?  Well, for most high school seniors I’m sure you’re shouting a big YES to this.  But before you take that huge leap of faith, pack up your life in cardboard boxes, and say sayonara to your parents, think about what you’re really doing.


You may say you’re totally ready and willing to move a thousand miles away to college.  Maybe you’re even looking at out of state colleges.  It’s not to say this is a bad idea, especially if they have a really good program for your major.  However, for the good majority of us, we still don’t know yet what we want to do.

Taking the plunge and going that far of a distance away from home can be a huge mistake.  No matter how many times you may say you’re not going to miss your hometown, trust me, you will.  It took me going to a community college in my hometown for 2 years before transferring to a university, and I still was homesick when I first moved in.  And I still had the luxury of driving home considering I was only two and a half hours away.

Forgot Something?

It would be so much easier to get something you need if you live closer rather than farther away.  Those favorite pair of shorts you need oh so badly?  Well, instead of waiting for them to be mailed and delivered you could either take a mini-trip home and get them or have a parent/friend visit and bring them.  The possibilities open up if you need something from home if you live closer.

To Stay or Not to Stay?

I lived in an apartment for my first year away at college, and I really loved it.  It gave me the privacy I needed and the space from campus helped me feel like I wasn’t at school 24/7.  It also helped that I always had a place to stay during the holiday breaks.  You may not be so lucky if you live in the dorms.  Most of the time they close up and you have to head home, which may not be a bad thing if you feel like going home.  However, that’s a lot of gas to drive home if you’re planning on going home for every break.  Plane tickets alone get pricier the closer to time you get them.

Consider the amount of times you want to take a long weekend off and head home.  Maybe you have a boyfriend/girlfriend back home you want to see every once in a while.  Going to college closer to home can be the difference of seeing them every month or every few months.


Knowing that loved ones are really that close to you can help with the transition from home to finding your way on your own.  If you’re having a bad week or trouble with something, your parents, friends, and really just the comfort of home, are really only a drive away.

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Kali White

Kali White

Kali White is a junior at the University of California, Davis pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Her goal is to have a career working for a publication company writing and editing. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing and listening to music, and travelling.