4 Benefits Of Community College

Junior colleges or as some call them, community colleges, are often looked down upon by university-bound students as a “last resort” or “plan Z.”

However, the reality is that many of these schools can be a great option depending on your circumstances.

Contrary to popular belief, there are some benefits of community college. Although it’s true that attending a junior college before transferring to a four year university is not the right choice for everyone, it’s also true that many students disregard this alternative without even considering it because of the misconceptions that surround community colleges.

I chose to attend Broward Community College for two years and later transferred to a university, and I had a great experience.

Because of this, I think it’s important that more students educate themselves on what a community college is really like and what they can gain from choosing to enroll in one.

4 Benefits of Community College

  • 2+2- Many states around the country participate in the 2+2 Program. The program is basically an agreement between certain community colleges and universities to ensure that any student that graduates with an associate’s degree will be accepted into a participating university.

This program can be a great alternative for a student who doesn’t have the grades or test scores to gain acceptance at their university of choice.

Even if you did have the grades, but simply were not accepted, getting your associate’s degree will ensure that you will be the second time around.

This is one of the benefits of community college that’s worth pondering if you’re struggling to make a decision.

  • Save Money- Junior colleges are extremely cheap when compared to a traditional university. Not only is the tuition cheaper, but since you would most likely be staying at home, you’d be saving thousands of dollars every semester on room and board.

Saving money is one of the biggest advantages of attending community college. This was the reason I chose a community college. Although I was accepted to several universities, I simply did not have the money to move away and live on my own.

I saved so much money during the time I was at Broward Community College, that I was able to buy myself a car! I’m not even joking, that’s how expensive it is to live on campus. So this is definitely one of the community college benefits that you should keep in mind as you make your final decision.

  • Small Classes- Because a community college has fewer students, the classes are much smaller. I think the largest class I had was one with 50 students, and the smallest had around 20.

Smaller classes mean your professors will have more time to get to know you and won’t see you as just another face in the room.

I had some very amazing professors at my college and I believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that they were able to engage with the students and make us feel like they cared about us. This is another one of those benefits of community college that students don’t typically think about.

  • General Education Courses- Something a lot of guidance counselors often fail to tell students is that the first two years of college are generally the same everywhere. Everyone has to take certain core classes such as math, English and science, and there is no reason why they can’t be taken at a community college.

As long as you make sure that your classes will transfer to whatever school you want to attend later, you won’t have any problems.

The stereotype that community colleges are a waste of time, and only for kids who couldn’t get into university is totally incorrect. There are many reasons why students choose not to go on to university right away, and the majority of the time it has little to do with their grades.

Although it can be hard watching your friends move away to university while you stay behind, sometimes it’s for the best.

It’s more important to choose a school that will work with your particular situation, than to go somewhere just to feel like you’re getting the “college experience.”

Keep these 4 benefits of community college in mind as you go through the college application and admissions process.

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Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza is a senior at Florida Atlantic University pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Although reading is her first love, writing is a close second and she can usually be found with her nose in a book or hunched over a laptop typing away. Outside of school and work, she’s interested in all things fitness as well as continuing to grow an already massive nail polish collection.