4 Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Applying To College

The college application — one of the most important documents you will fill out during high school.

While this may be true, students still continue to make mistakes when applying to universities.

Below are four mistakes you should avoid when applying to college:

  • 1) ‘Putting your eggs in one basket’

Try not to have your heart set on one university; always apply to several (between 4-7).

Even if you have a good chance of getting accepted to the college of your choice, you don’t know what else is out there. Applying to several colleges can also help increase your chance of receiving scholarship money.

If you apply to only one school and do not get accepted, you may find yourself scrambling to apply to others. However, since application deadlines come up quickly, and you may find that it is too late to apply anywhere else.

  • 2) Not including extracurriculars

Some students don’t include all of their extracurriculars and achievements when filling out their application. However, this is a very important part of your application because it displays your interests and ability to balance your time.

While being on homecoming court or winning a mock-election award may be an achievement to you, try to include things that universities would consider beneficial to them.

For example, including volunteer work is a huge achievement and shows your interest in helping out in your community. Also, if you have held a leadership position within an organization, don’t forget to include it. These will both earn you huge points on your application.

  • 3) Not reviewing your application

Always double-check that you have spelled and filled out all of your information correctly; NO QUESTIONS ASKED. A handful of students make the mistake of not reviewing their application before sending it and end up misspelling their name or other important pieces of information wrong.

This also goes for your college admissions essay. This is your place to truly shine and display your writing abilities. However, having several spelling and grammar errors can put you at a disadvantage.

A good way to avoid errors is to have someone else review your application before you send it.

  • 4) Not paying attention to deadlines

One of the worst things you can do when applying to colleges is procrastinating. The earlier you send in your application, the better chance you have of getting accepted.

Many universities have a specific number of students they are able to admit each semester. This means that as time passes, the number of students universities accept begins to decrease. As the deadline nears, they begin looking for students that truly shine out of the group of remaining applicants.

Prior to your senior year, you should be thinking about which universities you want to apply to. Check their websites to see when they begin accepting applications and apply as soon as possible!

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