4 Easy Summer Jobs for the High School Student

Looking for a job can be difficult when you’re a high school student.  You don’t have much work experience and you’re only in high school.  During the summer, many students can be strapped for cash and are looking for ways to earn some extra money for school, for fun, or just to save up for the future.

Here are a few easy jobs that have flexible time frames so that you’ll be able to work part of the summer without giving up the fun that summer should be.

Online Business

Many high school students are very tech savvy.  If you’re pretty good at creating websites, create a website that advertises YOU.  Maybe you’re a fantastic tutor.  Make a website that states your rates and subjects and then spread the word to your friends and family.  It’s quite possible that you’ll be contacted for a summer job that way.

If your website making abilities are above par, maybe sign up to help create websites for local companies.  Many older local businesses don’t have the talent or young folk to create a website for them so you can help them out while getting a pretty good paycheck out of it.  Because you’ll be working from home for the majority of website creation, you’ll get your summer while making some dough.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a job that never goes out of style.  As long as people own houses with backyards, trimming the lawn is always going to be a problem.  Operating a lawn mower doesn’t take much time to learn and the average lawn takes about two hours to mow.  If you’re efficient, you can claim entire neighborhoods and start your own little lawn mowing business.  In addition to lawn mowing, offer to water plants around the house for an extra little oomph.  Lawn mowing can give you a good sense of responsibility because you’re in charge of scheduling the appointments, keeping your word and getting paid.


Tutoring can be a great way to make money during the summer.  There are generally plenty of students in the school areas that are always up for extra help in the summer and if you’re particularly good at one subject or another, you can narrow your tutoring down to a more specific topic area.   If you’re a great test taker, it might be in your interest to help others with their SAT prep.  If you’re great at math, you can tutor younger students who might be floundering.  The great thing about tutoring is that you can have a range of customers that are younger to almost your age.  There is no limit on who you can tutor, as long as you have knowledge of the material.  If you’re a great tutor, your customers might recommend you to other potential students and that’ll really help you bring in the cash.


Babysitting is one of the most traditional ways of earning money but it never goes out of style.  As long as people are having children, they’ll need days off to go on date nights or take some time of to have some time with their spouses.  That’s where you come in.  If you’re great with kids babysitting might be the gig for you.  Starting off with family friends and people you know is a great way to get started and they can start recommending you to other families with children if you do a good job.

Hopefully these potential jobs will give high school students a jumpstart on earning their own money and prepare themselves for responsibility and obligation.

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Clara Ma

Clara Ma

Clara is a third year student attending the University of California, Berkeley currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Media Studies. Her school activities include being a captain on the Cal Dance Team, being a Campus Ambassador, as well as being part of THRIVE Dance Company. She enjoys living vicariously through others on the Internet, keeping up with pop culture on Tumblr, and watching a copious number of television shows (namely Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother).