4 Helpful Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

In college, writing essays are inevitable.

Yes, you can almost say that you don’t deserve to be called a college student if you haven’t written a single essay or research paper in your entire life. But of course, the amount of essays that a student writes varies from the course that he is taking. Engineering and chemistry majors write an essay or two every semester, while Arts and Humanities majors, on the other hand, devour letters and paragraphs for breakfast.

What makes essay writing challenging for students is that they often experience difficulties in expressing ideas and opinions, in well-constructed and grammatically correct paragraphs.

Moreover, there are a lot of distractions present around them, with the Internet as the most notorious of them all. I usually waste 4 to 5 hours on the internet instead of actually working on my essay writing. This bad habit eventually leads to what we now call “Writer’s Block.”

Writer’s block is popularly defined as “losing the ability to create a new work”, a condition which varies in intensity; some writers have been unable to write for many years, causing some to abandon their careers as pen pushers.

A lot of people think of writer’s block as something that randomly and unexpectedly hits an individual, but I think of it as a condition that develops overtime primarily because of a lack of interest or focus with the work.

College is one of the worst possible time to experience a “block”, considering your grades are at stake. Moreover, it doesn’t get any better when you are already procrastinating, but you simply cannot produce the right words. If you happen to be in a similar situation right now, don’t worry, you can still be saved.

Here are some of the things you can do to overcome writer’s block and carry on with your writing:

1. Take a Walk – Walking is one of the favorite pastimes of ancient philosophers. In fact, the inspiration to some of their timeless concepts like Zeno’s Paradoxes, came while they were walking. According to scientific studies, walking regularizes and/or increases the rate of blood flow. In this case, the brain experiences a heightened activity because of this sudden surge of blood flowing, hence increasing it’s capacity to perform. So before working on an essay, why not stroll around the park for an hour or so to help set your mind and for you to gather some inspiration as well.

2. Read a lot – Of course, you can never write anything unless you know something. So before you work on your essay, it would be better if you read some related literature and other texts about your topic. This shouldn’t be a problem because you now have access to almost all the information that you need via internet. Instead of wasting time scanning your Facebook news feed, why not hit websites like Wikipedia or TED to learn something new.

3. Find the right environment – It would be very difficult for you to work on your essay if your roommate insists on playing that Skrillex track at maximum volume. What I am saying here is that writing and studying only works when you are in an environment that suits you best. I have noticed that students usually prefer studying at coffee shops and diners

4. Start Writing – No matter how much you prepare, you will never be able to finish your work if you will not start writing. Start by scribbling some words or some pre-writing exercises, then proceed to writing your first draft. It doesn’t matter if your draft has grammatical errors, the important thing here is that you were able to write the ideas that you have in mind. Editing will take care of the rest.

You should remember that, at the end of the day, whether your writer’s block is legitimate or just a lame excuse, failure to submit your work would gain you a failing grade. So instead of wasting time, you might as well start writing now.

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