4 High-Paying Jobs For Current College Students

In 2004, 78% of college students had a part-time job during school and the numbers are only rising. It is common for students to work at least one part-time job to help pay bills, tuition, or just have extra spending money.

At the same time, it can be hard for students to fit a job into their busy academic schedules, so any job has to be truly worth the time and the pay.

Luckily, there are many well-paying jobs that are attractive to college students that will keep your bills paid, while leaving you some side cash for weekend fun.

Check out these occupations that will keep your bank account full:

1. Waiter

I can say from experience, waiting tables is one of the best, if not the best job a college student or young adult can have. Sounds a little crazy I know, but the truth is waiting tables is just flat out good money. The major perk of this job is that you leave with cash in your pocket that can at least get you by until your paycheck comes because you are working for tips. Waiters make about $2.25-$3.35 per hour, plus their tips. Once tips are factored in you are making anywhere from $8-$15 per hour.

At the end of each shift though, you get to pocket the money left on your table, so you will never be completely without cash. If all of this sounds appealing, start hunting for jobs on campus. Campus restaurants and especially bars are always packed and full of regulars. Also consider fine dining restaurants once you establish a good relationship your money making potential can only get better!

2. Receptionist

I know, receptionist sounds like the most mundane job in the world, but you can’t beat the money. Working as a reception pays anywhere from $9-$14 per hour. This is still well above minimum wage, so it’s worth considering. You have to be a little more qualified for a receptionist job however. You’re often required to at least be well organized and be able to multitask.

Another perk of working as a receptionist, depending on where you work, is the working hours still allow you to be a college kid. Most receptionist jobs are from 9-5 p.m., like a regular eight-hour workday. This leaves your evenings and nights free, and most likely your weekends. As long as you can stand starting your mornings at 9 a.m. every summer weekday, a receptionist job might be right for you.

3. Nanny

Being a nanny for a family over the summer is a great way to make cash, tax-free! Certainly the most rewarding perk of being a nanny is making money that the government can’t take from you. I was a nanny last summer in addition to working at a country club, and I made about $300-$350 per week. Being a nanny is different than being a babysitter. A nanny works full time for a family; feeding the kids, bathing the kids, playing with them and making sure they keep up their responsibilities. Nannies are usually employed 8-10 hours per day, and the going rate for pay is at least $10 per hour. So you do the math, being a nanny is great job.

4. Working at a country club:

Working at a country club is one of the best jobs you can have without a college degree. Unless you’re a God-awful worker, country clubs have excellent job security because they want to keep workers around who know and have relationships with the members. On that note, since country clubs have regular members who are often in positions of power at their jobs, working there could serve as a great networking opportunity. The most obvious perk of working at a country club is the money. It’s great money! I work at a country club and usually make $12-$15 per hour and sometimes more. You do get taxed like any other job, but the tips you can make especially serving at a fine-dining club are hard to match.

Since dining in there is often a fancy occasion, country clubs factor in automatic gratuities on members’ bills, so it’s impossible not to get a tip. In addition, members often tip waiters and banquet servers cash especially if they know them. I highly recommend giving this job a try. You get great hours, great money and meet a lot of fascinating people.

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