4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Student Can Benefit From

With the New Year looming everyone is contemplating the same million-dollar question. What should you make your New Year’s Resolution?

Coming to college has made for a crazy end of 2012—now it’s time to start a year fresh in a new place with new aspirations. College is the perfect time to change what you want in yourself and set new goals. Although resolutions are notorious for seldom panning out, this year make one that will be worth following through with.

If you are having trouble coming up with a good resolution, take one of these four suggestions!

  • Read For Fun

Believe it or not, reading can be the best way to get a break from schoolwork. In general, reading is associated with schoolwork, so naturally we’re turned off by it. When you find a genre of books that interests you and read by choice, it can be so rewarding.

Unlike the dense nature of your college course textbooks, books are captivating and can truly take you to another place. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from reality and experience the charm of a fantasyland or the comfort of relating to a character.

Although school is busy and it’s hard to find time to read, allow it to replace time you currently spend watching television or movies. Books are much more beneficial and will broaden your vocabulary and knowledge base.

  • Keep Up With The News

If you don’t already keep up with the news, you won’t regret starting now. If you are clueless about current events, you will run the risk of being regarded as ignorant by all the educated adults you will be constantly surrounded with in college.

Current events will surely be integrated into your class discussions and it’s important to participate. Your professors will expect you to be informed. If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to educate yourself about what is going on in the world around you.

  • Be Healthy

Now that you are living on your own, it is easy to get lazy and live off snack foods. Beware of the freshmen fifteen! Making a health related resolution would definitely help you combat this dreaded phenomenon.

Start utilizing your campus’ recreation center—it is a convenient and free resource for you to exercise. Allot specific times throughout the week for you to work out so you can hold yourself accountable to follow through. Maybe even make this resolution with a friend so you can motivate each other to go and have a work out buddy.

Although there isn’t much of a way getting around eating dorm food, there are aspects of your diet that you can improve. Replace the chips and junk food in your dorm room with fruits and other healthy snacks. You can also cut back on eating out, which will be good for both your health and your wallet.

  • Take More Photos

This is the best resolution to make in the beginning of college because you will appreciate the pictures for the rest of your life. Other people will also love this resolution. Your family will love seeing how life at college is and your new friends will be glad you are capturing all the great memories.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take a lot of pictures. You will be glad even if you can look back on your college experience through camera phone pictures. You could also take up photography as a hobby, which is a great skill to have that will also yield great memories.

Your New Years Resolution has the potential of improving your already awesome college experience. So choose wisely.

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