4 Reasons Why Actually Attending Your Classes is Vital

Oh I get it. You’re free now, there’s (usually) no attendance police making sure you’re in class, your parents are no longer around, you’re an adult now, you can make your own choices. And sometimes 8 a.m. comes way too early. I definitely get that.

But actually going to class when you have the option to skip it is immensely more beneficial to you and your education (you know, that whole reason you decided to go to a university?) than you may realize. But I do get it.

1. You’re Paying for Them Like it or Not

This is the easiest and biggest no-brainer of them all. You, or your parents, or those loans that are currently stacking up interest, have already shelled out big bucks for that seat in that class. It’s easy to justify sleeping in because you’re exhausted and your bed is so comfy…but think of the reality of what you’re missing. Courses in higher education range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Hundreds and thousands of dollars you already spent. Why not make the most of it? Why not put that money to good use? Think of it as an investment, as cliche as that old saying is, in this case you literally are investing money in your future.

Not only that, but if it is your parents or student loans making these payments, you owe it to them or to your future self to make sure that you’re making the most of that money. Here’s a nice little breakdown: say you’re paying $5600 in tuition for one semester. You’re taking 4 classes which average out to $1400/course. And if a semester is roughly 14 weeks long, that’s $100/per week, per class. And if that class meets just twice a week, that’s $50 per class. If you don’t go, it’s like setting fire to a $50 bill.

2. The Answers to the Tests are There

Courses build up to something, usually an test or examination of some sort. The professors aren’t there to waste your time, and more importantly (to them), their time. They will cover everything you need to know, and don’t need to know for the upcoming test. Looking back, I can’t believe the amount of times I recall hearing a certain prof say “This will be on the exam.” Boom, that’s one answer solved already.

3. You Can Talk to your Instructor Face-to-Face

During orientation we were encouraged to go up and introduce ourselves to our professors. It may seem ridiculous or a waste of time, but trust me, getting to know at least a few professors is more important than you may know. Talking to them, asking questions, it helps them put a face and personality behind a name on a roll call list, so when you need help understanding something or have problems with a paper, they may be more sympathetic to a friendly person they know. Also, and a big one, these are the people you want writing letters of recommendation down the line.

4. You Might Just Learn Something Life-Changing

I learned the most about higher education, critical thinking, and myself in one class everyone told me was terrible. It was an elective, too. But I went, and paid attention, and lo and behold, I got a ton out of it. Sometimes class may just be fun, interesting, or exciting. I had a professor who made us call him by his first name and acted out scenes from Greek tragedies to the class as a one-man show. He even brought props. It was an awesome way to spend an hour and a great way to remember what the texts had to say.

Trust me, I get it. Some days are just not your day. But going to class will you give you infinitely more reward than catching one more hour of sleep.

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Jared Gerling

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