4 Reasons Why Summer School Will Benefit You

Summer is approaching and I’m sure everyone is stoked for some sun, longer days, tan lines, pools, bonfires, concerts, BBQs, relaxation, sleeping in, and staying up late.

Enjoy this summer before entering college. It will probably be your best. All your friends will be parting ways come August/September. Don’t miss out on the fun moments that you and your friends create; go to bonfires and roast marshmallows; don’t set an alarm and sleep in until noon; go to the pool for the whole day; cruise around town and go for ice cream. Really treasure this last summer before arriving to the true world.

You might think that all your summers can be like this. But I wouldn’t count on it. Once you are in college you will have a lot more commitments and responsibilities if you want to graduate on time.

My big advice for summers after college is summer school. There are some downsides to classes in the summer but the benefits outweigh them and totally pay off in the future.

Lighter Semesters

Cramming as many classes as you can every semester is a great way to set yourself up for lower grades. I was guilty of doing this my first couple semesters of college. I took 18 and 20 semester hours and it was an overload. I became more stressed out than I should have been and it showed in my grades.

It’s not impossible, but it’s very hard to keep up with your classes if you take more than needed. By taking summer school, this will allow you to have a lighter schedule during fall and spring semester.

The Downside? Absolutely nothing. What’s better than taking a lighter semester?

Graduate on Time… or Early!graduation1

Taking classes during the summer not only can help you graduate on time, but it can bring you ahead of the game.

College is very expensive, why not graduate a semester early? By taking one or two classes every summer, and a regular amount of classes during the school year, this can help you finish early.

By graduating early, you will also be able to find a job sooner.

The downside? Graduating early means no more fun college time.

Short Term

Summer classes tend be 6-8 weeks long. That’s almost half of what they are during the regular school year. Although they will be almost every day, it’s nice to get it out of the way.

This is great time to take prerequisites and Gen. Ed. classes. Prerequisites need to be taken before specific classes. They can be annoying because sometimes you are not interested in them, but they are required to move on to the class you want to take. What better time to take them when it only last several weeks instead of four months?

The downside? Since the amount of time is shortened, the work is faster paced. The requirements for a class won’t be tweaked just because it’s for the summer. All the work still needs to be done. Homework and projects can overlap each other and tests might seem frequent.

Smaller Classescloseup of teacher helping male student with his work

The majority of students will leave campus for the summer. Classes will then be smaller. This allows you to interact with the professor more than you would during the fall or spring.

Not only do you interact with the professor more, but with your fellow classmates as well. It’s easier to develop more of a relationship with the people you see every day for a few hours.

The downside? Since there will be less students in the class, more attention will be drawn to you. If participation isn’t your thing, then it could affect your grade if you don’t want to speak up.

Warning: Don’t Overload Your Summer

Frustrated college studentOf course I am a victim of this. I was suggested to take one or two classes during the summer. Instead, I took three, resulting in 10 semester hours. That’s almost a full-time student, which is kind of crazy for the summer since it’s all packed into a short amount of time.

It felt great at the end of the summer when I had those classes finished (one Gen. Ed. And two prerequisites) because then I could continue with the classes I really wanted to take in the fall. But I was in a classroom for seven hours Monday through Thursday. Since it was only for a short amount of time, I powered right through it.

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Gina Stolzman

Gina Stolzman

Gina Stolzman is a senior at University of Iowa pursuing degrees in Journalism and English. Having a passion for food, she loves cooking and visiting restaurants. Besides cooking, you’ll find her reading, catching up on TV shows, or hanging out with friends and family. She is an enthusiastic Chicago fan. She devotes herself to “da” Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox.