4 Things To Do During the Summer Break

Summer break might be a chance to relax and take some time off of school but it’s also a time to beef up your resume or perhaps help out others.  Here are some alternatives to lazy lounging during the summer.

  •  Take Summer Classes

Many schools offer summer classes that can be taken for college credit.  If you’re still in high school, enrolling in some community college will give a chance to earn some college credits as well as prepare you for what future college classes might look like.  It’s a great opportunity to start preparing for your college career.  If you’re in college already, taking summer classes can help you in two ways: (1) if you enroll in your university summer classes, you can receive university credit as well as the letter grades which can help your GPA and transcript.  (2) If you enroll in a community college course over the summer, you can fulfill some general education courses and receive the credit without the letter grade.  Some universities allow you to take classes at other universities over the summer.  This may give you a chance to explore other campuses if you’re looking to transfer or move into graduate school later on.

  • Get an Internship

An internship is a job with a company or organization in nearly any field that allows you to gain valuable industry experience. In a tough economy, getting an internship early in your college career may be challenging, but persistence tends to pay off. Internship experience can prove invaluable when applying to graduate school or for jobs upon graduation because it demonstrates a drive and passion to continue your studies outside of the classroom. It is also great way to make industry contacts and maybe even find a mentor to help guide you through the challenges you are faced with later on in your career. Finally, internships sometimes come with compensation. While this is not always the case, it never hurts to have a little extra spending cash in your pocket. One note to keep in mind, however, is that summer internship recruiting can start as early as the fall prior to the summer you would like to work. Be sure to starting looking early and often for the best and most competitive positions.

  •  Work on Campus

Having a job on campus is also great way to make some extra money, but without the time commitment or relocation associated with internships. Examples of these sorts of jobs include working the in the student store, library, as lab technicians, dining commons, residence halls/dormitories, campus security, etc. While these jobs may not have anything to do with your studies, do not underestimate the value of a recommendation from your employer and the work experience on your resume. Additionally, these jobs are for students only so there is not the same degree of competition to get them.

  •  Volunteer

Volunteer work might be the most rewarding out of all the options above. Students often will get to travel, meet new people and do something that genuinely makes them feel good. Organizations that provide these opportunities include Habitat for Humanity, The Magnolia Project, animal shelters, political campaigns, soup kitchens and many others in nearly any field. Students who chose to take part in these groups gain valuable community service hours and can still pursue work in their area of study, just on a volunteer basis. Once again, this can prove especially helpful on your resume and can be used as a character reference during your job search.  Volunteer positions can be very convenient since they are always looking for more help.

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Clara Ma

Clara Ma

Clara is a third year student attending the University of California, Berkeley currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Media Studies. Her school activities include being a captain on the Cal Dance Team, being a Campus Ambassador, as well as being part of THRIVE Dance Company. She enjoys living vicariously through others on the Internet, keeping up with pop culture on Tumblr, and watching a copious number of television shows (namely Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother).