4 Things To Take Advantage Of As A College Freshman

Freshmen year of college really is a unique once in a lifetime experience. It has its fair share of disadvantages in comparison to being an upperclassman, living off campus and knowing the ropes of things; however, there are many benefits specific to freshmen year that are often taken for granted.

Ironically the things I find myself missing most about freshmen year are things I now hear my freshmen friends complaining about. You may not realize how great of a time it actually is until it’s over. Here are some freshman year advantages I would give my pinky toe to have back.

Dining Dollars

Having a meal plan freshmen year literally made it feel like I was eating out for every meal every day and, let’s be real, who doesn’t love eating out?

While the quality of food may not compare to that of restaurants or home-cooked meals, it surely beats my awful cooking. Cooking—or heating up frozen food—for one person is an odd task because if you buy groceries in bulk you have to eat them before they go bad. In my experience you’ll buy a certain item and end up eating that for dinner every night until you run out. Maybe you’ll switch it up on a weekly basis. Campus dining provides a large variety of food that you won’t have available when you live off campus.

An added bonus at some places is being able to use your dining dollars at franchises on campus. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was until I had to feed my newly developed caffeine addiction with real money.

Distance To Class

Unless you previously attended boarding school, this may be the only time in your life you will work and play at the same place. It is pretty convenient being able to go home between classes or roll out of bed ten minutes before your 8am. If you forgot something at home you can easily run back to your dorm and get it.

Depending on where you live off campus you may have to drive to school for the remainder of your college career. Despite the fact that parking passes can be pricey, there is also more room for misfortunes such as getting a flat tire or running out of gas.


Even though doing laundry is a hassle regardless of the circumstances, it will be much more of hassle when you don’t have access to a washer and dryer in your living vicinity.

Sometimes off campus housing will provide laundry facilities, but other times you won’t be so fortunate. Having to drive to a Laundromat and wait for you laundry to be done would be such an ordeal—one that I hope I never have to deal with. Be grateful for your current laundry situation because it could get worse.

Also figured I would throw this in the domestic category: you never have to do dishes when you live in the dorms.

People Always Everywhere

This was definitely my favorite aspect of dorm life. Even if you don’t get along with everyone in your dorm, which you won’t, living with mass amounts of fellow college freshmen will be an unforgettable experience.

Everyone is in the same boat trying to make friends and meet people so it will be socially acceptable to invite random people random places and have a good time. If you need help with schoolwork there will surely be someone around you who can help you with math but may need you to edit papers. If you need a tutu for a certain theme party you are almost guaranteed to find one to borrow.

Enjoy being a college freshman and take full advantage of it while you still can.

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