4 Truths Every Student Must Know About Picking A Major

I’ve been asked what is the easiest major?

I’ve been asked what is the best major?

There’s a universal answer when it comes to questions like these: It’s your choice.

There are no majors out there that are entitled to be “the best” or “the easiest.” To be honest nothing is easy in college, no matter what major you’ve chosen.

Whether it’s business, art, pharmacy, nursing, English, or my preference of journalism, there is nothing out there where you can simply skate by through your four years.

Whatever major you decide to pursue, it takes hard work and dedication to fulfill what you truly want. Below are 4 things I learned as I was going through the college major selection process:

1. It’s okay to change majors

The best advice I can give an incoming freshman is something that I didn’t have the luxury of being told: Don’t be afraid of changing your major.

Don’t feel completely tied down with what you have chosen your first semester in college. Because, most likely, it will change once or even a couple times.

As a freshman, I decided that business was the perfect choice for me. But why? I wasn’t the biggest fan of math and being stuck in an office all day for the rest of my life didn’t seem appealing.

For my first two and half years of college I forced myself to sit through classes I had no interest in. I struggled with homework, quizzes, and exams.

College is difficult, but not enjoying it and taking something from it is a waste of money. I thought I was a lost cause because I was already well into my sophomore year and I truly hated what I was doing.

2. Focus on your interests and passions

I went to my academic advisor confessing how much I despised what I was doing. I told her it wasn’t for me and my grades proved it.

She asked me what I enjoyed to do. This was a trick question for me because I felt like I didn’t have any passion at all that I could take on as a major and eventually into a career. But, beside all the business classes I took in high school – thinking that I was going to pursue that for the rest of my life— I took creative writing and art classes for pleasure.

My advisor asked me why don’t I go to the art department or English, or the School of Journalism. I didn’t have a logical reason why I wouldn’t attempt those, so I did. I had a semester of trialed majors. I was told by doing this I wouldn’t graduate on time but this was important to realize what I enjoyed.

Remember: this is what you will do for the rest of your life. Why not love it?

I loved art but I was too fast paced and impatient. But my passion for writing expanded to a new level and it showed in my journalism and English classes.

3. When you enjoy what you do, it’s never too much work

From then on I took summer classes and a heavy load of semester hours. The strenuous studying and writing didn’t matter because I enjoyed doing it. I ended up proved everyone wrong because I, indeed, am graduating on time.

Don’t be scared. You might start off with one major but result in hating it. This is okay. College is truly a time where you find out who you are and develop into the person you will become.

It sounds cheesy but it is 100 percent true. So find out what you love and want to do for the rest of your life. Being a business major wasn’t for me, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t someone else’s forte.

4. Never choose your college major based on money

And please don’t decide majors based on money, which I sort of think that’s what I did originally. If you work hard enough and strive for the best of what you want to become, it will all work out.

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Gina Stolzman

Gina Stolzman

Gina Stolzman is a senior at University of Iowa pursuing degrees in Journalism and English. Having a passion for food, she loves cooking and visiting restaurants. Besides cooking, you’ll find her reading, catching up on TV shows, or hanging out with friends and family. She is an enthusiastic Chicago fan. She devotes herself to “da” Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox.