4 Unadvertised Benefits of Greek Life

Pre-college anticipation is unavoidable. Once you’ve decided where to go, it’s hard to keep from daydreaming about what your new life will entail.

College is a time of change, growth, reflection, and introspection.  It’s this funny ‘middle’ part of your life when you take on adult responsibilities, but often times still have the opportunity to behave like a child.

You have to attend classes and meet deadlines, but you also get to live with your friends, diversify your social networks, and get involved with your campus and community.  You aren’t tied down to a 9 to 5 schedule and are encouraged to pursue goals and chase dreams.

All of these things sounded intriguing to me, but the thought of delegating my time between multiple extracurricular organizations while maintaining school success made my head spin.  Luckily, involvement in a sorority provided me with a way to do all those things at once.

Here are some of the top reasons Greek life was perfect for me, and may be for you too!

Academic Support

We all know that while in college, school is the first priority.  There are many misconceptions about sorority/fraternity life.  Some believe it is a simply a distraction from school, and a waste of time and money.  False!

Many Greek organizations have a minimum GPA requirement that is higher than the requirement of the school.  If a member doesn’t achieve the minimum GPA requirement, they can lose social privileges, be required to fulfill overseen study hours, and if the problem continues they may have to revoke their membership in the organization altogether.

Fortunately, most sororities have systems in place to aid academic achievement.  There are always people to study with you, encourage you, and more often than not you’ll find a fellow Greek life participant in one or more of your classes.

Philanthropic Involvement

Seeking out opportunities to donate your time proves to be harder than it sounds.  Greek organizations require philanthropic involvement and have multiple ways for you to give back to the community.  Each chapter nominates a member to present the chapter with local organizations whose objectives align closely with the philanthropy the chapter supports.  This makes it easy to decide how to spend your time in the community.

It’s usually as simple as showing up and participating, as the preplanning and logistics have been taken care of for you.  Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle of school, it is easy to forget to broaden our experiences and share our good fortune.  Greek life provides you with a way to give back, meet new people, and challenge yourself to be better.

Unique Housing Opportunities

The end of each school year leaves college students scrambling to find roommates, pay security deposits, and claim a future abode before it’s guaranteed to the next group who had their act together a fraction of a second earlier.  College housing is competitive, and should be something you take seriously.  Being stuck in an unfit living situation can leave you feeling unwelcome and unsafe in your own home, and could sabotage your academic success.

Finding housing through Greek peers eliminates some of that struggle.  Each Greek chapter usually has a main house that displays their letters and holds weekly meetings, but many times they will also have satellite houses nearby for their members.  These houses are passed down each year from the previous tenants to new members who carry on the tradition.  Living in these houses is a great way to stay connected and be sure that your roommates will participate in similar activities as you do.

Job and Networking Connections

With upwards of 50 people who share similar interests and ambitions surrounding you, your availability of on-campus jobs, internships, and post-grad opportunities are sure to widen.  Since my time as a member of a sorority, I have been offered two babysitting jobs and passed down an office assistant job to a fellow sorority sister.  This type of involvement is great way to learn and practice leadership roles, hold officer positions, perfect your time management skills, and looks great on a resume!

Whether or not Greek participation is “your thing,” I urge you to get involved someway, somehow!  College should not be weathered alone.  So do some research, be proactive and find a way to dually benefit yourself and the people around you.  You won’t regret it!

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Heidi Meier

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