4 University Services You Should Take Advantage Of

Ever wonder what those random tuition fees on your college bill go towards? A lot of them are actually for the services universities offer to students. From gym memberships to employment services, universities offer it all. So why not take advantage of it?

  • Career Services

Many universities have a career services office, which is available for students to use any time. These offices offer everything from employment assistance, mock interviews, and resume critiques. Whether it be for perfecting your interview skills or your resume, these services are great for preparing you for future careers.

  • Tutors

Struggling in your classes? Some universities actually offer free tutoring to students who need extra assistance with coursework. While dropping a class to avoid failing may be the easy way out, tutors can help you improve your grade. If you find you are doing poorly in one of your courses, contact your tutoring services office immediately. The sooner you get help, the more likely you are to succeed.

  • Health Services

Going away to college is a big step towards independence. A new lifestyle along with an added amount of stress makes it much easier for students to get sick. Luckily, many large universities offer health services to students on campus. This makes it much easier for students to see a doctor when they are sick or have any health concerns.

  • Recreation Centers

One of my favorite services my university offers is a gym membership. Some universities include a membership fee within their tuition rates and others require students to pay a monthly or annual fee. However, many of these facilities contain more than just workout equipment, they also have fitness classes, sport facilities, and even bowling allies! Staying active in college is a great way to keep in shape and reduce stress.

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Trombly is a junior at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in apparel merchandising with a minor in journalism. She has also participated in a study abroad program at the University of East London. At school, Jane is an active member of the Greek community, and CMU’s fashion association. In her spare time, Jane enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and writing for her very own fashion blog.
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