4 Ways To Have The Most Productive Winter Break Ever

The passing of Thanksgiving and the sudden smell of peppermint and evergreen in the air can only mean one thing for college students: winter break is around the corner.

While you might already have plans to catch up on all of the sleep you’ve missed this past quarter or semester, the weeks you have off from school can also be a great time to get ahead on the to-do list of things you didn’t get around to in the midst of midterms and essays. The following are some ways to stay productive through this winter season.

1. Plan, plan and plan some more

Without my planner and iCal, I would be completely lost. Both help me stay organized and make life a lot less stressful. Planning out your days can be beneficial, but so can planning out the classes you eventually want to take — and when to take them. Currently in my junior year of college, this is something I wish I would have considered doing sooner rather than later. Regardless of what year you are in college, it’s always good to plan ahead, especially when it comes to classes.

Sometimes courses are only offered during certain quarters or semesters, putting a dent in your planning schedule. Figuring out when certain major classes are offered will help in the planning process. A lot of classes also have prerequisites, so make sure you meet all of the requirements before enrolling in a course. It’s also good to balance out your schedule (if at all possible). In other words, if you know you’re going to be busier than usual next quarter, it’s probably not a good idea to take a boatload of units. Don’t take more classes than you can handle.

2. Consider doing an internship

It’s never too early to think about applying for internships. Whether your major requires you to do one or not (and whether it’s paid or not), internships teach you valuable skills you will take with you after graduating college.

Internships also look great on résumés. Employers like to see that applicants have experience and internships give you just that. In a way, they give you a glimpse of how the “real world” operates outside of college.

3. Bring in the bucks

If you have time for it, picking up a job during break is a great way to stay busy and bring in some extra cash to help you pay for those pricey textbooks next quarter. Many businesses hire more employees during winter to help with those crazy holiday shoppers. Keep your eyes peeled for job listings around town.

If you find a job having to do with your major, even better! Either way, you’ll be taking on some responsibility and gaining communication skills. Getting a job over winter break will get you off of your couch and out of your pajamas by doing something productive.

4. Have fun 

I like to think of winter break as a vacation for my brain. After weeks upon weeks of homework and exams, having downtime away from school is just what your brain needs. While winter break is a great time to plan ahead and catch up on some Zzzs, don’t forget to enjoy your break. These few weeks away from school are the perfect time to catch up with old friends from home that you haven’t seen in a while. If you’re like me, seeing friends from home is pretty rare given the times different colleges have vacation, though winter is a popular time for students to come home.

Also make sure to spend some quality time with your family. Not having a car at school, I don’t get to go home to see my family as often as I would like so I make sure and enjoy the time I do spend with them over the holidays.

With the craziness of the school year, I don’t always get around to certain things. Winter break is the perfect time to check those items off of your to-do list while also preparing for the next round of all-nighters and endless exams.

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