4 Ways To Know If You Chose The Wrong College Major

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you truly happy at school?
  • Has your student career come to a point at which you find yourself second-guessing and doubting everything that you do?
  • Do the words “I should” pop up in your thoughts more often than usual?

“I should be more motivated,” “I should understand this easily like everyone else in my class,” “I should be able to do this well,” “I should have done better work,” “I should be enjoying this”…

“Should” is a word that means something really needs to happen, but isn’t.

You’re right about it all, too.

  • You SHOULD be more motivated in your studies;
  • You SHOULD be able to understand the subject well;
  • You SHOULD be enjoying everything that you do.

College isn’t like high school where you have to study all general academics; where you are forced to take every class the school sets up for your regardless of your interests or passions. College, on the other hand, is finally a school in which you should be able to study what you find most fascinating and interesting to you.

You SHOULD be able to study your passions.

Like so many other college students, you may have started college with a major already decided and you were so enthusiastic about it! You finally found your place, the subject you were going to study and perhaps a dream career might not be too far away!

But soon, you find that instead of pursuing your dream, you’re just struggling and digging a deep hole for yourself. College should be challenging, but not a struggle. If you find yourself struggling, basically, you’re in the wrong major.

How do you know?

To break it down for you, I’m going to tell you the 4 key signs that should let you know you need to change your major:

1. Everyone Gets It, So Why Don’t You?

If you find yourself significantly behind after only the first few weeks of class, this should be a small sign that you might be majoring in the wrong subject. I’m not saying you should ‘jump ship’ right away, however if you find that all of your other classmates are comprehending the material quite well, and you’re one of the few students who seem to be having a hard time with the ‘easy stuff,’ this just may be the foreshadowing to further hardships in this major.

2. Your Best Is Never Good Enough

Let’s say you’ve been the best student any teacher has ever seen; you take notes like crazy, focus on every word taught in class, plan and carefully organize every detail of your assignments, start ahead of time, go at a slow and steady pace, look your notes over again and again, fix whatever mistakes there are and go to office hours with your teachers for any help. Let’s say you basically give it your all for everything that you do in your classes.

If you find that even after all that your grades just won’t improve, no matter what you do, then perhaps it’s time to devote all that hard work towards another major – one that results in the rewarding grades that you’ve been seeking.

3. Dwindling Motivation

Everyone knows that laziness starts to set in by the end of each semester. Each student is just about to reach their limit on the workload and is in need of a break.

  • Are you feeling the laziness coming on a little sooner than everyone else?
  • Have you noticed that the ambition and excitement you felt about starting new classes and a new year has suddenly vanished?

Maybe that’s because all the excitement you felt was not really for the major, but because of an adrenaline rush you had for a new year of school, new friends and new experiences. The motivation may have been only momentary.

4. When Do You Get To The Fun Part?

All freshman in their majors have to take certain starter classes. You obviously can’t begin doing all the cool stuff you see the professionals doing every day in the real world because like them, you have to start from somewhere and patience is key.

However, if you’re suddenly about to go into your Junior year and have noticed that even this far into your college career you still haven’t liked any of the projects or homework that you were assigned for your major at all, then maybe this major is not what you thought it was.

You just may have been secretly hoping or thinking that a some point soon, you’ll be given as assignment that makes you want to say…

“Now this is cool! This is what I want to do!”

But, what if that moment never comes? If you’re more than halfway through school and you’ve disliked every assignment you’ve been given, you’re in the wrong major.

My Final Thoughts

It’s okay to feel lost in college; it’s okay to be undecided with what you want to do. No matter what you may think, you’re not alone. Countless students probably feel the same way you do, myself included.

I advise you to take all this from someone who did discover that she was in the wrong major. She switched into a different one her junior year and has finally found her place.

College is hard, there’s no doubt about that but no student should find themselves struggling only to find themselves falling deeper and deeper into a hole.

This guide should give you the chance to just stop and think because only you can realize this for yourself. No one can make the decision for you. And why would you want them to? There is nobody who knows you better than yourself.

Make sure you’re in a major that makes you happy and gives you the results that you’ve been craving – whether it be experience, skill or grades. You deserve it!

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