4 Ways To Stay Fit During College

The ‘freshman 15’ as it’s so cleverly addressed in most circles, is actually not as accurate as you’d believe. 15 pounds is a lot of weight to gain and you’d need to drastically change how much you eat and your physical activity to do so.

However, it is easier overall to gain weight in college and the increase in stress can often lead people to find unhealthy outlets, like food, to cope. I’m sure everyone is sick of the repetitive health advice to eat healthier and workout more in order to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, here are a couple tips and ideas I used to make sure putting on the pounds wasn’t possible my first year or two of school.

Walk It Out

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, unless it’s a blizzard or looks like the movie Twister outside, put some gym shoes on and get walking. If you take the bus or drive everywhere now, you’d be surprised how choosing a little fresh air over a couple minutes wait and cramped seats can affect your weight. If you’re like me, you may want to carry an extra shirt around in your backpack. You can get a little sweaty walking to class.

Make A Wager

The girls that lived below me did this freshman year and a couple guys on our followed their example. They made a bet that if any of them reached a certain weight at any point in the year they would have to put money into the pot. Weekly weigh-ins helped them keep track of who was maintaining their weight the most and at the end of the semester whoever won got the money (and usually took the rest out to dinner). In the end, it was a competitive and betting way to help them stay fairly healthy.

Grab A Basketball

Behind our dorms my freshman year was an outdoor basketball court that we all used to play on a couple times a week. That turned into regular meetings and games every week after we had all left the dorms as well. While you have so many people together try and organize group activities and games while you have the opportunity. It can translate into regular physical activity and it’ll give you a chance to meet people at the same time.

Late Night Planning

This is where it happens. You get home late from the library or out with your friends and you realize you’re starving. Yeah, it could be really easy to reach for the phone and call Dominos or eat a bunch of chips and snacks before bed. What I did was make something healthy to eat and put it in my fridge before I was ever going to be home late; some nuts and fruit, chicken, or even a quick protein shake to tide me over until the morning. This way you stay away from ingesting a bunch of fatty foods or unhealthy snacks before bed.

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Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in English. When he’s not exercising, eating, reading, writing short stories, or scouring the web, Lawrence is contributing to other blogs. An avid Harry Potter fan, self-proclaimed StumbleUpon and YouTube addict, and underrated when it comes to taking naps, Lawrence is looking forward to studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece over the Spring Semester of 2012.