5 Actions You MUST Take To Prepare for College This Fall

The beginning of the school year is finally here. Read this post to learn what you can do this fall to prepare for college!


1. Leadership Roles – College admissions committees like to admit students who are leaders. It doesn’t matter if you are a committee chair or club president, your ability to be a leader is a skill that will be noticed by the admissions committee so take the initiative to become a leader this fall.

2. Solidify Relationships – Mostly all college and scholarship applications require letters of recommendation. The best way to get great letters of recommendation is to build solid relationships with your professors, coaches, mentors, and work supervisors so take time this fall to develop your relationships with these individuals.

3. Attend College Fairs – These events allow students to meet with college representatives from different colleges and universities. These are really valuable because you can get a lot of information about a ton of different colleges. To find a college fair near you, visit: National Association for College Admissions Counseling

4. Virtual Campus Tours – This is a simulation of what the college looks like in person. Since you’re only a sophomore, there’s no need to spend the money to visit in person just yet. If you can’t find the virtual campus tour link on the college’s website, then try clicking here.

5. Prepare for College Exams – Read the posts under the Preparing for College Exams  section on TheCollegeHelper.com website.


1. Take the PSAT – This test is typically given in mid-October. You should coordinate with your school counselor to find out more information about registration dates, times, locations, etc.

2. Paying for College – Start talking with your family about college funding. Who’s paying for what? Do you have a college fund? Are your parents willing to take out any loans for your college education? Now is the time to start researching scholarships and other ways to pay for your education. Read this to get started: College Scholarship Applications

3. Student Loans – Now is the time to start understanding your student loan options. Read this to get started: What Are My College Loan Options?

4. Schedule Campus Visits – Now is the time to start visiting the campuses on your list of potential colleges. Nothing can compare to a campus visit, read here to better understand why campus visits are necessary: Why Campus Tours Are Important

5. Continue Researching Colleges – You’ll need to really continue researching colleges to make sure you select the best college for you. Read this post now to get started: Which College Is For Me?


1. Schedule Campus Interviews – Some schools will require that you come in for an interview. Check out this post for additional information: College Interview Preparation

2. Request Letters of Recommendation – Most college applications will require that you have letters of recommendation. Now is the time that you request those letters of recommendations from those individuals that you’ve developed good relationships with. Check out this post for more information: College Recommendation Letter Samples

3. College Admissions Essays – Most college applications will also require essays or personal statements. Now is the time to start writing these. Check out this post to get started: College Essay Topics

4. Fill Out Those Applications – You should apply to 5-7 schools. Read our College Application Checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything!

5. Early Admission – If you’re applying for early admission, then now is the time to submit your college application. Check out this post to learn more about early admission: How Long Does It Take To Get Accepted Into College

I hope this was helpful! Please leave your comments and feedback below!

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Lauren Anderson is a certified school counselor who's passionate about helping students all over the world successfully transition from high school to college! After spending 6 years as a business professional, she obtained her Master’s degree in School Counseling and now spends her spare time helping students.

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