5 Apps Every College Student Should Have

Our generation has progressed far beyond taking notes with pen and paper or using a phone simply to call someone. The probability of walking into a lecture hall and not seeing a student on their smart phone or taking notes on a tablet is very low. These pieces of technology give you the world at your finger tips, but they are often used as a distraction instead of a school aid. During lecture, you will see more people browsing Facebook, checking sports scores or playing games than paying attention. While it is perfectly ok to have fun on your phone or tablet, there are some apps out there that benefit you academically.


Whether you are an environmental engineer or a news journalist, there will come a time in your college career that requires you to conduct an interview with someone. If you have a smart phone or tablet, Evernote saves you the trouble of going out and buying a recorder or trying to take notes by hand. With the click of a button, Evernote allows you to record audio and sync your recordings with all of your devices so you can access your interview anywhere. You can also view PDFs and send notes you take to your email. You will never miss out on taking note of something significant.

iTunes U

This app is basically a ton of educational material compiled into one place. You can access pretty much anything; lectures, notes, books, assignments, you can even complete a whole course on your iPad. Some universities utilize iTunes U to deliver their course content. If your class is not on iTunes U, you can find similar courses from other schools and use their material as an extra study aid. You also have access to collections from institutions like the New York Public Library or the Library of Congress.

World or National News

It is important to stay informed, and news apps make it easy to keep up with current events. Some classes or professors ask that you pay attention to the news and may even include current event quizzes in their syllabus. Major news papers like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal all have mobile apps so you can view articles anytime, anywhere. Networks like CNN and Fox News also have apps that include video and interviews. And of course you can share any articles or videos by syncing the app with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. While you are at it, go like and follow some news outlets. Seeing current events on your newsfeed will be a nice change of pace from all the frat party photos.

The Dictionary

Perhaps the most useful app to have, the vast amount of information within the dictionary gives you the ability to fully understand course material and add flair to your writing pieces. When you are reading, it is important to understand exactly what the words mean. It may seem sort of childish, but if you do not know what a word means, look it up! It will ensure that when the professor asks you a question on the material, you will know exactly what you are talking about. Most dictionaries also include a thesaurus which is great when writing papers. You can look up synonyms and antonyms to spice things up.

Mobile University

A lot of colleges and universities are actually developing their own apps for students to utilize. The purpose may not be soely academic, but the app usually includes important campus news, events, athletic scores, even a bus schedule! You can access the school directory to look up professors’ emails or navigate your new campus with a map. Some universities even give you the option to pick the type of facility you are looking for, such as libraries or parking. It is everything you need to know about your campus at your finger tips.

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