5 Dorm Items You Can’t Live Without

The move-in process will be stressful enough, so it may be overkill to plan on some essentials you will need for your first year dorm experience.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make additions to your dorm checklist before you return for the Spring semester if you’re in the midst of your freshman year.

Plus, it’s always good to keep a running list in mind before you take off so that you have all the necessary dorm room essentials.

Item #1 – Multivitamin

It’s general consensus that most of us don’t get the right amount of necessary vitamins, let alone stick to any semblance of a “normal” diet,

What!?! Cheetos aren’t on the food pyramid?…

The more stress you subject yourself to, whether physically or mentally, the more vitamins you need. As you adjust to the lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, and rigor of college academics your freshman year, stress will be abundant.

Get a multivitamin at the grocery store or local vitamin shop before going and be sure to take it everyday so you’re ready to go.

Item #2 – Fan

Depending on the climate of your specific school, this could be a no brainer. Yet, those of us perennially caught in the cold clutch of winter may keep this determinedly out of mind.

The dorm’s thermostats are off limits to students and unless you have your own individual air conditioning unit in your room, you may find yourself constantly in pursuit of temperature equilibrium.

Bring a fan to help cool off and get air circulation in your room.

Plus, if the AC goes out in the middle of August, you don’t want to be sleeping in the swamp that has become your living space.

Item #3 – Extension Cords/Surge Protectors

Plugs are sparse in dorm rooms…

You may be able to get away with lengthy stock cords on most of your appliances, but dorm furniture can make finding a socket for everything a real pain.

Get some extension cords so you can put that new flat screen (cough Mom cough Dad) right where you want it.

Item #4 – Brita or Water Filter

The whole “Water’s water” saying is all fine and useful…

…but a couple months drinking tap water everyday and you’ll notice the difference between an Ice Mountain and your hallway water fountain.

Get a pitcher with a water filter on top from Brita or similar retailers to satisfy your taste buds and keep yourself hydrated!

Item #5 – Sandals

Unless you have your own shower in your room, you’ll be using community bath and showers.

The custodial staff probably cleans them once a week, but that doesn’t mean they get rid of all that bacteria and mildew in their routine scrub.

Remember to pack a pair of sandals to wear in the shower so you can stray away from fungus or warts.

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Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack

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