5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Admissions Essay Into an Acceptance Letter

So you have filled out your basic information, and have made appropriate arrangements to have your transcripts sent in; thus you are now down to that last big task; the admissions essay.

Try to think of the application essay process as your place to really shine. The admissions essay process not only provides a venue to differentiate yourself, but may also be a boost for a student with a lower GPA.

Stuck on where to start with your essay? Follow these five tips to get your essay on its way!

Tip #1: Choosing a topic that stands out

If you have the freedom to choose your own topic, pick one that relates to something you are passionate about. This will allow your passion to shine through within your writing and put your mind at ease.

Tip #2: Stand out from the Crowd

Make sure your topic is different and unique. Remember, Universities review thousands of essays each year! What sets you essay apart from other applicants?

Tip #3: Relating Accomplishments

It’s important to relate some of your accomplishments to your topic. However, it’s important to mention that you don’t have to write about every accomplishment and issue you have overcome.  Essays that contain too many facts begin to make them look more like a list to the reader.

Tip #4: Grammar and Spelling

Like resumes, essay readers are looking for a reason to throw your application to the side. One of the most common reasons for getting your essay tossed is grammatical and spelling errors.

In this day and age, with spell and grammatical checks, it should be easy to avoid costly mistakes.  However, even the best software can make mistakes so it’s important to ask someone you trust to read your essay for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Don’t be afraid to ask a current teacher; after all they are there to help you!

Tip #5: Confidence

Always show confidence. Make sure to use “I know”, “I am”, and “I will” as opposed to “I think…” (“I know I would make a great asset” NOT “I think I would make a great asset”)

Many universities offer tips on writing admissions essays as well. Make sure to check to see if the University you are applying to offers any information!

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