5 Essential Items For Dorm Decor

For most incoming freshman, living in a dorm is the first time they have lived in a space they can truly call their own. One of the most exciting parts of this is being able to decorate your room and create a unique display that represents you as a person.

Whether you’re a man or woman, or don’t even care about decorating your room at all, there are some essential items that are worth having in every dorm room. Those who are creative and enjoy decorating can make them their own, but they are important even for those that aren’t.

Remember, space is limited in a dorm room, and technically only one side of the room is yours. It’s crucial to not clutter a shared space, and to decorate in a way that’s stylish and representative of you, but is also practical.

Most college students are also on a budget, but don’t fret. There are many affordable, practical and stylish ways to decorate your dorm room.

College kids don’t need to be roaming about Pottery Barn looking for a nice wall painting; try Target, Michael’s or JoAnne Fabrics instead, or any other craft store.

Finally, dorms come in a pretty standard layout. While this may limit decorating options in some ways, the good news is they often provide you with built-in decorative pieces, like bulletin board for example.

So here is what you need:

  1.  Bulletin/Dry Erase Board: Like I said, many dorms come with these in the room, but if not they are usually fairly affordable. A good-sized board like this can be decorative as well as practical for a limited space like a dorm room. You can use it pin or magnet pictures or posters, but also use to make notes to yourself, or leave notes and reminders for you and your roommate.
  2. Carpet/Rug: Having a carpet or throw rug add some color and texture to a bland dorm room and creates a warmer atmosphere. Dorms usually have tile or wood floors and not only are they cold in the winter, but they’re quite ugly to be honest. A colorful rug or carpet with a fun pattern or a rug of your favorite sports team can kick the boring out of your room and simply give you a nicer surface to walk on or sit on.
  3. Posters: You probably plan on buying a few posters to cover the white walls of your room. Good idea. Posters are probably the most common decorative items found in dorm rooms. They’re great for many reasons: they are applied with scotch tape instead of putting holes in the wall, they come in various shapes and sizes and there are posters for basically anything.
  4. Funk alarm clock: This is a very common and practical item, but if done right can be used as a decorative item as well. For example, my alarm clock is pink and the digital numbers on it are rainbow colors. Now that’s not your average boring alarm clock. You can buy clocks that have cool sounds to awake you as well. Maybe they play music, maybe nature sounds or maybe they talk to you. Alarm clocks are crucial if you ever plan on going to class of course. Even if you have an alarm clock on your phone like most people, consider still buying one as a backup. There are plenty of times my phone has died or I have snoozed my phone alarm and if it weren’t for that second alarm clock I would miss class.
  5. Eye-popping linens: Obviously you’re going to have a bedspread and sheets on your bed, so this can be a simply way to add some pizzazz to your room. Pick sheets of your favorite pattern, sports team, or color and create a decorating theme around them. They have to be there anyway, so why not make them cool?
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Madeline Fetchiet

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