5 Fun Tips To Ease College Stress

It’s no secret that college is one of the most stressful times of our lives, and academics are just the beginning. Between classes, homework, getting internships, jobs and joining student groups, it seems like relaxing has gone out the window.


Relaxing comes in many forms. Some may exercise, some may party, some may nap or some may curl up with their favorite novel. Whatever your method is, I have perfected some of my own relaxation and stress-relieving routines that I would enjoy sharing with you.

  1. Cartoons! If you’re in college or an incoming freshman you are a product of the 90s. Lucky for you, the 90s hosted some of the best cartoons of all time, and T.V. stations are starting to replay old episodes of our favorite childhood shows. Remember “Hey Arnold!”? Or maybe “Doug”? Most cable packages get Nickelodeon or Nick @ Nite; the stations these shows are being aired on. If school is overwhelming you, pop ol’ “Football Head” on the tube and I guarantee you’ll be laughing as you teleport back to your childhood, a stress-free time of your life.
  2. Run: There’s nothing like exercise to release some endorphins and calm you down. After running you should be tired enough that you have no choice but to relax for a little bit. Exercising will also help you get a better night sleep, which contributes to your overall health. The healthier you are, the less stress you’ll have.
  3. Nap: Remember when you were five years old and fought your parents every time a nap was suggested? I do. But now we have come full circle and naps sound like the coolest thing ever 99% of the time. So embrace it! Naps have built-in relaxation, so napping is a full-proof method to relieve stress. However, oversleeping can be a problem for various reasons. First, oversleeping can make you unproductive if you lose a lot of time you could be working while you’re sleeping. But a lesser-known problem is that oversleeping can sometimes make you more tired than before your nap. If you allow yourself to sleep too long you fall into a deeper sleep that is harder to wake up from. Instead, try power naps that last 5-20 minutes. You’ll feel rejuvenated and alert afterward.
  4. Try a new recipe: Cooking can be relaxing and therapeutic. Trying new foods or recipes will keep your brain stimulated and your tummy full, leaving you more focused, awake and stress-free than before whipping up your delicious concoction. If you despise cooking however, do it anyway! Another way to ease stress is by trying new activities because it takes your mind off other stress-enducing activities. Consider cooking dinner as your new activity for the day if you have never done it. With hot food on your plate it’s hard not to take some time to relax and your creation.
  5. Make music: Most people listen to music to de-stress, but not everyone makes music. With user-friendly technology on laptops these days, making a beat or a song is fast and easy. Garage Band, a music production program found on Mac computers is a great program for beginners who are just fooling around with sounds. Making music serves as a good stress reliever for many reasons: you can create music that fits your mood, you can learn a new skill, and you keep your brain stimulated so returning to homework later isn’t as difficult.

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Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet is a sophomore at Michigan State University, studying journalism and philosophy of law. Aside from reporting, Madeline enjoys tae kwon do, reading, writing, researching and traveling, and can be considered a music enthusiast. Madeline currently works as an intern for thecollegehelper.com, and is a banquet server at Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor, MI. Perfecting the storytelling side of reporting is something she looks forward to in her future career as a journalist.
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