5 Fun Ways to Fulfill Your Community Services Hours

Most high schools will require that you complete a number of community services hours before you can graduate. Community service comes easily to some and others struggle with the idea of finding opportunities to give back. Here are five ways you can complete your hours while still having fun!

Summer/Science Camps

Camps were one of my favorites ways to complete my service hours. If you love working with kids while hanging out in the great outdoors, summer camps are the thing for you. During both my sophomore and senior years of high school, I volunteered to be a camp counselor for a local elementary school. During a week around springtime, I was in charge of a cabin of 5-6 girls and helped the staff of the camp lead them on hikes and expeditions while learning about nature. We were fed and provided cabins with showers and bunks and hanging out with a bunch of sixth graders was a lot of fun. If you enjoy camping and watching younger kids, this is the job for you!

Food Banks/Soup Kitchens

Some students like working at food banks or soup kitchens. It’s a very direct way to help out those in need and you can sometimes even get a free meal out of it! Volunteers usually help out with lots of different tasks, which can include cooking, serving food, and cleaning up afterwards. Many people are really appreciative of the volunteers so you can really feel like your work is a big contribution and you can log hours for the time you spend there.

Animal Shelters

Love animals? Wish you could have a pet but can’t afford the time and upkeep? Working at an animal shelter could be the job for you. While working at the shelter, you might be able to interact with the animals or if you’re more into the secretarial jobs, there’s plenty of paperwork that’s shuffled around pet adoption agencies. If you’ve ever wanted a pet, this is a great chance for you take on some of the responsibilities and learn how to care for animals. If you’re looking into veterinary or animal-based careers, working at an animal shelter could be the place for you.


Hospitals are a great opportunity for those who want to go into medical school or anything medicine related. Hospitals are always shorthanded and looking for volunteers to help with tasks such as delivering food, administrative work, or just helping patients maintain a positive attitude. Working at hospitals also looks great on your resume and your college applications. Building strong connections with a hospital can help out with potential work careers later on.


If you love reading, volunteering at a library can be the place for you. Working at a library puts you in contact with lots of organizational skills such as sorting novels, cataloguing magazines, and learning the Dewey decimal system. Not only are you learning important organizational skills, working at a library can also have other duties. You might plan book signing events or read to younger children during specific times of day. If you’re a bookworm, working at a library could be the job for you.

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Clara Ma

Clara Ma

Clara is a third year student attending the University of California, Berkeley currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Media Studies. Her school activities include being a captain on the Cal Dance Team, being a Campus Ambassador, as well as being part of THRIVE Dance Company. She enjoys living vicariously through others on the Internet, keeping up with pop culture on Tumblr, and watching a copious number of television shows (namely Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother).