5 Inexpensive Ways to Contribute to Holiday Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

There are holiday parties a plenty and now that you have transitioned into adulthood you may feel compelled to start contributing to some of those holiday parties, which could easily be very expensive.

Fear not! Here are some ideal ways to contribute to those upcoming holiday parties without busting your modest budget.

A Gift for the Host or Hostess

When you attend a holiday gathering it is in good form to offer a gift to your host or hostess to show your appreciation for opening their home. There are plenty of inexpensive gifts you can give to your party planners.

  • Holiday Scented Candle

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the scents of fresh cut pine tress, pumpkin pies and cookies. Most people do not have time to bake everyday, but some holiday scented candles will do the trick. Some of my personal favorites scents are Yankee Candle’s Apple and Pine Needle and Sparkling Snow. A small jar of either of those two scents is only eleven dollars on the Yankee Candle website.

  • Ornament

Ornaments are fairly easy find during the holiday season and getting one to add to your friends collection can be a great way to say thanks!  An ornament will last for years and remind your host or hostess of you and the festive occasion every time they decorate their tree. Just make sure that you scope out their decorative scheme ahead of time. Try not to buy a silver ornament if you know that their whole tree is decorated in red and gold.

  • Chocolate

Let’s be honest, everyone loves it! A nice set of chocolates is a great gift, especially around the holidays when people are more willing to indulge. Grab some white, dark and milk chocolate and make a mini sweets basket for your host. If they are a fan of hot chocolate consider doing a variety basket of hot chocolate mixes instead.

Food and Beverage Supplies

Another great way to contribute is to offer to help out with food and beverage supplies. Here are some creative and inexpensive ways you can help sweeten the menu:

  • Make a Sparkling Holiday Punch

A sweet sparkling punch a is a great way to class up any holiday party without breaking the bank. The recipe I use is easy and inexpensive!

Here is how you make it:

1 Quart of Pineapple juice

1 Quart of Cranberry Juice

1 Liter of Gingerale

1/2 Quart of Vanilla Ice Cream

Mix all of the liquid ingredients together and drop the ice cream into the mix in small scoops. As it melts the ice cream makes the drink frothy and delicious. If are feeling fancy and want the punch to last a few hours make your own giant fruit ice cube.

Take equal parts pineapple and cranberry juice in a shallow bowl and add in some mixed berries. Freeze them all together until your punch is ready to be served. Using a large fruity ice cube will avoid changing the flavors of the punch and keep the drink cold without watering it down.

  • Bake Some Cookies!

Baking cookies is fairly inexpensive and a lot of people enjoy doing this over the holiday season anyway! Just make and extra batch of each of your holiday favorites and bring them to the party.

  • Word to the Wise: Before bringing food to a holiday party be sure to ask your host or hostess what they need or if they even want any contributions. Some hosts appreciate the help while others insist on doing everything on their own.

Make sure you remember that the holidays are a time to have fun and celebrate with people you care about. Use these tips to ensure that you do not spend too much time worrying about your holiday parties and spend lots of time enjoying them!

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Amber Bray

Amber Bray

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