5 Money Saving Strategies For College Freshmen

After a few weeks of free parties in the first semester, reality kicked in.

You realized that, for the rest of your college career, you need to actually pay if you want to continue having the same amount of fun.

So you probably continued to spend too much money on food, as you had been doing during those free-party weeks, while spending additional money on partying.

You probably spent weeks avoiding looking at your bank account information. You probably spent way too much of your savings.

So, how do you save money this semester?

  • 1. Don’t eat out so much. Besides your body thanking you for not eating all that late-night pizza, your wallet will thank you. Wait for your parents to come visit to eat out. Stock up on stuff that you can make for yourself for when your cafeteria credits run out.
  • 2. Buy in bulk. If you love pizza, buy a bunch of frozen pizzas from places like Sam’s Club that sell in bulk (or try to get your parents to do it for you). Even if pizza isn’t your thing, I’m sure you’ll find that buying some of your favorite snack foods in bulk will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • 3. Don’t go out as often. Your grades probably weren’t exactly ideal if you went out four-five times a week anyway, so it might be time to cut back. When you go out, you spend money on the activity (movies, bowling, etc.), as well as late-night food. Stay in, do homework or hang out with friends, and snack on one of your bulk buys (preferably something healthy).
  • 4. Beware of online ordering services. When you’re laying around on a Sunday watching sports, you may be inclined to hop online and order Chinese because it takes no effort at all. But think about it: Besides the fact that I already advised against eating out (and ordering in is basically the same thing), online ordering websites charge you processing fees and delivery fees, and then the driver expects an additional tip. They might lure you in with an online deal, like a $5 meal, but by the time it’s all said and done, it can easily cost you twice that.
  • 5. Shop smart. If you’re the type of person that loves to shop, then be careful. Obviously, the best option is to persuade your parents to take you shopping when they come to visit you. They’ll be missing you and more willing to spend money on you. But if you do get the urge to shop, shop sales. And if you get the urge to online shop, shop on members-only sites like JackThreads and PLNDR, which offer tremendous deals to people who sign up for free.

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