5 Must-See Movies Before College

There are a few classic flicks that I consider must-see movies before going off to college. They range in genre, rating and theme, but the morals of the their stories are all important messages to take with you to the next phase of your life at college.

On your next rainy Sunday, pop these into the DVD player:

Shawshank Redemption: Okay, you should have seen this movie by now if you haven’t, I’ll be honest. Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, is the tale of Andy Dufresne who was possibly falsely accused of murder and must serve a life sentence at Shawshank prison. The endless praise this movie has received and deserves is why some call it the best movie ever made. Shawshank is one of those movies that simply teach you about life in ways that parents, teachers and peers cannot. This movie has excellent commentary on fears human kind often has, like dealing with consequences and the fear of bad human experiences. This story of hope, coping and redemption is my number-one must see.

American Pie: On a completely opposite note from Shawshank Redemption, American Pie is a must-see comedy with moral messages you may not expect to find. Honestly, American Pie is basically a movie to watch if you want to know what college is not. The movie is about a group of high school seniors enjoying their last hoorahs of high school and anticipating college. However, remember this is a comedy and is an overdone, over-exaggerated depiction of what college will be like. Yes there are parties, yes there is some drinking, but don’t let movies trick you into thinking that’s what it’s all about. American Pie has a rather unexpected moral though, reminding us that even as our lives change, our friends are unforgettable. Just because you and your friends are parting ways for college, doesn’t mean you won’t be lifelong companions. Don’t forget about them, and keep in contact!

The Outsiders: The Outsiders is a classic story of the desire mankind has to be accepted and the inevitable segregation in society. This is a must-see movie before college to remind you how important is to be accepting and non-judgmental, especially in a diverse setting like a college campus. In The Outsiders, there are two social groups of teenagers, the “socs” and the “greasers” who don’t get along. If the two groups would learn to accept each other’s differences, violence, murder and emotional harm would be avoided. Apply this simple message of acceptance and open-mindedness to your attitude when starting college.

Rudy: This movie has the classic message of “if you work hard enough, anything is possible.” Rudy is also a classic sports film about the success of the underdog, but the overall message should be applied to your attitude as you go through college. Someone once said, “just when you think you have exhausted all possibilities, remember you haven’t.” This concept is one of the morals found in Rudy. Rudy is a small, passionate college student whose dream is to play Notre Dame football. He is discouraged by his grades, and his size, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving his dream. Through hard work and determination he finally gets on the field for one play in a Notre Dame football game, and is recognized for his relentless work ethic. When it comes to studying, homework, finals or any other challenges college will present to you, remember to be like Rudy.

Superbad: One of my favorite movies of all time, Superbad is a hilarious comedy, but is still rooted in deeper messages about life and leaving for college for the first time. Two inseparable best friends are preparing for life apart as they attend separate colleges in the fall. Superbad is a classic tale of what it means to be a friend and stick by someone’s side, but also how to grow up and respect people as an adult. The change that occurs between senior year and freshman year of college is drastic, and one of adult measure. Boy turn to men, and girls turn to women, and Superbad, in its own comedic way paints a great picture of this.

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