5 Reasons Why Extracurriculars Are Just As Important As Your GPA

  •  Meeting New People

Universities accept thousands of students each year, so why not branch out and get to know some of them? Getting involved on campus is one of the easiest ways to do so.

You must realize that the majority of freshmen are in the same boat as you are and are looking to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone and strike up a conversation.

Getting involved in a club or organization already gives you something in common, which will make it much easier to approach them!

  • Building Leadership Skills

Joining an organization allows you to effectively interact with others, accomplish various tasks, and also shows dedication. Possessing these traits shows your ability to be a leader.

As time goes on, these traits will become stronger. You will create stronger bonds with other members, become more involved within your organization, and possibly hold a leadership position.

These traits say a lot about the person you are than you may actually know. This especially comes in handy when you begin looking for a job.

  • Resume Builder

We all know grades are important, but did you know that your GPA isn’t what potential employers are focusing in on?

The majority of employers will want to look at your involvements and accomplishments. Choosing to get involved in something that interrelates to your potential career pathway will only give you a better chance of landing that first interview.

Being involved and receiving exceptional grades at the same time also shows your ability to multi-task and manage your time effectively.

  • Time Management

Time management is something you must learn to do in every day life.

Being able to juggle school, involvements, and your personal life takes time. However, learning time management while in college is great because you are there to learn in the first place!

Effective time management skills comes with being able to multi-task, keep your cool, and still work to your highest potential.

Your ability to keep up on your studies and be an active member of an organization is key as you move into your career.

  • It’s Fun!

“College was the best four years of my life.” I’m sure of you have heard this saying many times. Being involved in several organizations at my university has made me realize why people say this.

As a junior, I have met some of my closest friends and shared some of my greatest memories with them through joining these organizations.

While not everyone is outgoing or may have been involved during high school, college is a fresh new start. Why not start it off the right way by getting involved in something you enjoy?

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Trombly is a junior at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in apparel merchandising with a minor in journalism. She has also participated in a study abroad program at the University of East London. At school, Jane is an active member of the Greek community, and CMU’s fashion association. In her spare time, Jane enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and writing for her very own fashion blog.
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