5 Remedies For Senioritis

For ages, an epidemic has plagued high school seniors across the globe: Senioritis.

Symptoms include the burning need to graduate A.S.A.P., constant clock checking and a sudden allergy to studying and classrooms.

Fortunately, there is hope! After much consideration (and first-hand experience with this uncomfortable condition) I present you with five remedies for combating this stubborn foe.

  • Focus on making your last year of high school a great one.

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

Well, if you can’t escape it, embrace it.

Take it from someone who developed Senioritis their junior year after visiting her first college: don’t fight senior year. It will win.

Skipping class, missing homework assignments and bombing tests is not the way to go. You’re only hurting yourself. Now, stop rolling your eyes; I know I sound like your parents/grandparents/teachers/every adult who’s telling you what to do, but it’s the truth.

Plus, think about it: you’ve only got a few months left and then you’re out of there! Do you really want to deal with summer school for three extra months because you failed a class?

Didn’t think so.

Go with the flow, get your work done, and keep your eyes on the prize. You won’t be there forever, no matter how much it may feel like it.

  • Reward yourself. For every month you stay on task, treat yourself.

Are you a Starbucks fanatic? Do you have a CD you’ve been wanting for a while? Is there a movie you’ve been dying to see? Do you have the title of that book you’d love to buy memorized?

Use these things to create a reward system for yourself. Now, don’t go crazy and buy yourself a $200 phone just because you showed up for school. We’re talking small rewards for actual work.

Did you get a good grade on that impossible science test? Treat yourself to a coffee! Did you go a month without missing a single homework assignment in any of your classes? Grab a friend and go see that movie!

  • Frustrated? Let it out!

Sometimes all we need is to vent about what’s bugging us. In this case, try talking with a friend about how you just can’t wait to graduate and get to college (or anything else that’s bothering you). Keeping your frustrations bottled up inside may only make them worse.

Besides, chances are that your friend feels the same way, which gives you someone to count down to graduation day with.

  • Plan your summer.

You might not be able to make time move faster, but you can make sure that when summer finally arrives, it’ll be an awesome one. Sketch your plans in your notebook (not during class!) or make a list of 50 things you want to do before college starts.

  • Make a countdown calendar.

When all else fails, distract yourself. Get a calendar/your student planner/a notebook/some squares of paper and keep track of the days left until you graduate. Being able to see the numbers decrease before your eyes can help reduce the symptoms of Senioritis and make your senior year more bearable.

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Ana Koulouris

Ana Koulouris

Ana Koulouris is a senior at Benedictine University in Illinois pursuing a degree in writing and publishing. When she is not at work in the Office of Admissions or on the university's newspaper, she can be found writing short stories, reading anything and everything, and spending time with family and friends.