5 Simple Items You’ll Be Glad You Have around Campus

Super gluing essential items to your body wouldn’t look so cool. Still, there are necessities that need to be on you at all times when roaming around a college campus. No longer are your parents waiting at home to unlock the door and let you in. A random stranger at the grocery store probably won’t lend you the few extra dollars you need for your junk food splurge. If you keep a few items on hand, those problems won’t arise.

Sir, may I see some identification, please?

There’s a reason campus officials had you take a picture for your student identification card on that day before you got your braces off when your hair was in a frizzy mess from the humidity. It’s not just for embarrassment for years to come. (Seriously, check if you parents made photo copies for the annual Christmas card.) This piece of plastic is your lifeline around campus. It allows you to get in restricted buildings, make use of your meal plan at the dining hall, and get you into campus-only events. Find a way to carry it around campus where you have easy access to it. Some students put it on a lanyard or in the clear plastic part of a wallet. Any way you store it, you’ll need it on a daily basis.

Seriously?! Another embarrassing picture?

Remember that embarrassing student ID photo? It’s probably pretty similar to that embarrassing driver’s license photo. Adding on to the messy hair and brace face, you look like a twelve year old attempting to operate a vehicle. Just because driving around campus isn’t as common as at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry your driver’s license with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need it. A state ID or driver’s license will be helpful when registering to vote, filling out official paperwork, or meeting with your bank representative to start paying back those college loans. No matter the case, make sure you have it on you.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Although college students sure wish it did. Having some extra cash on hand never hurts. After all, some vendors don’t take electronic payments. It would be a bummer not to get the ice cream cone you’ve been craving. Cold, hard cash comes in handy at vending machines or donating to local charities found along your quad. You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to keep a little extra money on you.

Watch as that bank account dwindles…

Along with cash, a debit card is also helpful around campus. However, this electronic method of payment should be carried around with caution. If a bag or wallet were lost or stolen, know your credit card company’s number to cancel your card. Cautionary talk aside, a debit card is a gift from above when you need to grab a textbook at the last minute. Those don’t exactly come cheap. Best part about a debit card? No embarrassing photo needed, just your John Hancock.

Ewe, it’s the flu

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s germs coming from every direction! It is really easy to come in contact with germs on a college campus. Wherever you look, there are people sneezing, coughing, and touching surfaces you are guaranteed to touch. Keeping a hand sanitizer bottle handy is especially welcome before meals. Carriers for hand sanitizers are easy to find, making it more accessible by clipping the bottle to your backpack. It’s better to take precautions than to get sick and have Mom miles away.

Make like a Boy Scout and be prepared by carrying these essential items with you around campus.

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Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs is a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, pursuing a News-Editorial Journalism degree. An avid bookworm, Rebecca reads all texts Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut when she’s not busy writing for The Black Sheep on campus. Back home, she spends a vast amount of time enjoying nature with loved ones.