5 Things You Shouldn’t Bring To Campus

Heading off to college can be stressful. Given all of the anxiety that goes along with the packing and the moving out process, a lot of students tend to add too much to their dorm checklist.

Before you pack up everything that you own…take some time to sit back and consider if some of the things on your list are unnecessary.  As I mentioned in one of my prior posts, dorm rooms are small and you’ll be sharing your space with your roommate so you don’t want to over pack.

To help you with this process, we’ve identified 5 things that you should not bring to campus:

Valuables. It’s probably a good idea to leave your expensive jewelry and any other items that you consider to be valuables in a safe place…at HOME. Of course you’ll need to bring your laptop, but you should definitely purchase a laptop lock.

Really Large Items. You should probably think twice about bringing your huge stereo system or desktop computer. These items are just way too big for your small space. Instead, try to bring a laptop and iPod or other portable MP3 player. Both of these items are compact and convenient so you can bring them to class, the library, or anywhere else on campus.

Duplicates. Make sure to coordinate with your roommate before you get to campus so that the both of you don’t have too many duplicates. Obviously you two only need one refrigerator, TV, and microwave…But besides the obvious, try to also coordinate other shared items as well – like cleaning supplies..

Your Entire Wardrobe. You do not need to pack your entire wardrobe. Try dividing your wardrobe into seasons and you can swap out your clothes on visits home. There’s just not enough space for everything and in reality, you wouldn’t wear it all anyways.

Stuff You Don’t Use.  If you’ve never ironed a piece of clothing in your life and you don’t plan to…then why bring an iron and a big bulky ironing board? Items that you won’t actually use will just get in the way, take up unnecessary space, and waste your money.

Although your list of things to bring to college might be pretty long, I’m sure you can trim it down with the help of these helpful tips.

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